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Some Smart Ass....

Those of you who has me in their MSN list will see this phrase, "When you gain a friend, first test her, and be not ready to trust her". Two of my dear friends there did sense that I sounded rather furious. They were concerned and one of them asked me to read Sarach 6. This is where got my phrase. In the beginning my words were harsher. It went like this,"Don't lie to me...I have found that out and am just playing along". In actual case, I felt hurt being deceived by a friend whom I had trusted. Father Andrew Kooi asked me to read Sarach 6 in the Bible and he told me never to trust anyone until they have proven themselves. I appreciated the advice and counseling Fr. Andrew gave.

Stated in Sarach 6;14 A loyal friend is like a safe shelter; find one, and you have found a treasure. very true. I am still waiting for this friend to appear. I need true friendship. A friend who is not treacherous. The irony is that such a person after tons of lie can still go on lying thinking that we are fools. I had discovered so much deceit but I am playing along to see how long this will go on. She may think that I am easily fooled by her BUT who is the JOKER here now.

Petty lies after petty lies...when is this going to stop. One fine day, I may just blow up and say, "STOP". Hahaha, that would give her a shock of her bloody life.

For your information, I would be really proud if I know Chinese. But some idiots thought it would bring down their dignity if they were to admit that they are Chinese educated. They would tell me, "I am English educated...can't read or understand Chinese well."

But I have heard them conversed in Chinese and my conclusion is that to my chagrin and amazement...Their Chinese is superb and is even much, much, much better than their English grammar. They don't even know when to use 's' or 'es' for their verbs. A primary kid would know how to use these if they are English educated. Why should a person be ashamed of one's education? Knowing Chinese is very good. I in fact regretted not learning the language during my younger days. See when one lied the truth will poke it's head out of the curtain one fine sunny day..... Honestly, I was perturbed.

Another reason one lied was due to 'face'. Yes, Asians tend to take good care of their 'face'. So it was so not nice to let your friend knows that you were the one who had contacted so and so on certain chatrooms online. HEYYYYYYY, what is so wrong about being the first to contact. That is how friends are made...someone has to make the first move. So was that such a BIG deal??? As for me, I do contact others as well as vice versa. What is important is the trustworthy of friendship. Perhaps I am thick skinned unlike some other Asians. I go for the truth and lying sometimes made me very nervous as we never know when we are going to make a slip of the tongue. When we lie, we tend to forget what we say. Hence people will somehow catch us lying when we say some different thing later on.

Liars never make good friends. We never know the real them and how or when they will cheat us again with their words. Sometimes, we can't even find good honest friends nearby but instead true friendships were found overseas. Believe me, I had been had and I found solace not here but far away.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A bad experience at a Buddhist Temple

On a fine Friday morning (31st Oct. 2008), Frankie drove me to the Reclining Buddha Temple at Burma Lane, Pulau Tikus after our marketing at Chowrasta Market. It was supposed to be a bright day for me but the next scene spoiled my mood for the day. You may be wondering what is a Catholic doing in a Buddhist Temple...Well for you information, I was there on behalf of my dad who wanted so much to offer a Kathina robe as to the Buddhist this is an auspicious thing to do. He wanted to do this so that my deceased grandparents will receive merits if so happens that they are born in the wrong realm.

Being a Roman Catholic and having little knowledge of what I should be doing, I approached a thin, dark lady who was in thick make-up. Her big eyes with eye-liner drawn made her look starry and scary as she was not smiling. Mind you, it took much courage to approach such a person not knowing what comes next. Hahaha. Wished I had secretly taken a photo of her. But you can always see her at the counter if you go to this temple. Taking a big inhale, I walked to her asking about how to purchase the robe and details of what I should do with it.

I was perturbed at the way she answered me. She gestured me to read what was written on the notice which was pasted below a platform where the robes were placed. Again I should heve taken a shot of the notice. I turned my head down and read it. Stated was, "KATHINA ROBES FOR OFFERING ON 2ND NOV. 2008". But I need more than that. I needed to know:-

1) How to purchase it since she was not even at the counter?

2) What should I do with it when I had it in my hands? Open it? Take it home? Or put it somewhere where I fancied?

3) Should I be there to offer it to the monks?

4) Time of the ceremony...yes, what about the time?

Am I being unreasonable by asking? Anyway, she just went about her business before even settling my doubts. What unfriendliness !!!! Silly me was tagging along with her as I was eager to finish my duty of the day for my dad. I repeated the questions but she may have thought that I am retarded as she looked towards me like an annoyed mother. COME ON... what is this??? I was just seeking simple assistance. Moreover the robes are not FOC. It cost RM100 a piece. Can you imagine that she turned away from me??

The inside of me began to boil..In Buddhism, being able to sense that one is fuming means I am having mindfulness....Yaaaahooooo and whoopeee for what a Catholic can do. I kept my cool of course. I turned to my head to the back and saw that the other lady was finally free from her phone call. So I walked towards the counter with irritation and agitation. She gave me a smile. That smile calmed me down. As I was telling myself that if I get the same treatment again, I would definitely walked out and would probably go over to the Burmese Buddhist Temple opposite for the occasion. Taking a good breath, I sarcastically went,"Excuse me, I need assistance as I am a non-Buddhist. I am acting on behalf of my father to purchase a robe for the Kathina," looking straight at the lady with a smile.

She was most gracious and I was tended to promptly with my questions. The thin lady walked back to the counter defending herself that she had directed me to read the notice. I turned round and told her that the information I need was not there.

Not wanting to delay my time as Frankie walked in, I went over to the other side of the counter to pay for the robe. Then only was I told that I should go pray to Lord Buddha. Humbly I kneeled in respect of the Great Teacher. Offer the robe and left it on the platform as instructed to be collected later on. I am a humble Catholic and I respected all the famous teachers.

What troubled me was that in my opinion, those who are put in the front office should be more friendly and helpful. It may be in temples, churches, hospitals, institutions,etc. As long as one is put in-charge of the main counter, they should be ready to answer questions with a warm smile. Pleasantness and friendliness represents the place you are helping and working for. Next year I am running to the Burmese Temple opposite for this Kathina celebration.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dad's 81st Birthday, 2008

My dad celebrated his 55th birthday 26 years ago and he has never celebrated another birthday for this long. I decided to give him a surprise birthday party on the 12th of October, 2008 although his actual birthday falls on the 15th of October.

I invited some close relatives and old friends of my parents'. He was very surprised and excited over the event. And not to leave out confused. Hahaha... My brother and his wife had to manage him from home while I did the running around.

The next day I asked if he enjoyed his party....I noticed that his mouth was quivering and he was teary. I presumed that he was very touched by the celebration. I am sure that he was glad to have met his cousins whom he has been asking about.

I hope to organize another such celebration again in future.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Muar Chi

YUMMMYYYYYYY I loved this local cakes when I was small. And I still do up to today. The peanut filling is the main attraction. It is coated with flour. Thus before devouring it I usually tap the flour off. Another version of it is fired with sesame seeds coating. But I preferred this version. It is not oily. I find the product.

I had been using many brands of skin care and always changing them. The reason is just very simple....They did not give me the result promised. As anyone knows, ladies are very vain. Hahaha!!! Who would not want to look good?

My final search came when I asked a cousin of mine if a certain product was good. She told me that that brand is famous for it cosmetics but she had not known about the skin care products. She then recommended me SKII.

In my heart, I was a little skeptical at first. Anyhow, I would just give it a try. So off I went to the SKII counter at Parkson Gurney with Frankie. The consultant there was very helpful and friendly. She did not press me to buy all the products. But only those which I needed. As I still had my cleanser and toner of the other brand, she told me to finish those. She told me that the Treatment Essence is a must. And she sold me a medium sized bottle. Then I was recommended the serum which I find very good as well.

On that first purchased, I got to join SKII as a silver club member. Now I am upgraded to Gold card membership. WOW....besides that, she always gives me samples. The pictures above are of the samples she gave me. Those are just the few. I have more in my cupboard.

Once she gave me a very nice SKII mirror which I had been eying on. Recently she surprised me with a nice towel. Let's get away from the freebies.

Pitera is the main ingredient of the brand. And I dare tell you that this is the first time I am truly satisfied with a skin care product. Later I added more items like the two-way cake and loose powder. NO REGRETS too.

I had pigmentation but according to a friend, my face is now better. I can see that myself. It is more radiant.

It is worth the money I spent.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Aunties, uncles???? Be careful with your designations...

Malaysians can be blinded when it comes to designation. Through experiences which I dare say can be embarrassing to the person the designation is shot towards. Example, I was called 'auntie' by people who are very much older, little older, a little younger or of same age. Shouldn't we just asked, " Excuse me, may I know your name please?" And from there just acknowledge the person using her/his name or surname. That simple. If you do not know her/him just acknowledge her as "Madam" or him as "Sir" or "Mr."

It would be wonderful for sales personnels not to call future customers as "aunties" or "uncles" for you are never related. I noticed that we never call foreigners as "aunties" and "uncles"....Why, may I ask? Well, shouldn't we practice doing this to locals? I taught my son to acknowledge the hotel guests where he is working as "Sir", "Madam" or if he knows them, by their surnames. I assure you many would appreciate that. The graph of your sales may even shoot upwards.

A friend of mine had her youngest boy during her late 40s. While we were browsing around a supermarket one fine day, a sales person approached her. She was holding on to her 5 year old son's hand. To my amusement, this guy went, "Auntie, how about buying this educational toy for your grandson?" with a smooth smile on his face. The smile went off when he got a rude reply. It was "Look I am not his grandmother. I am his mother. Do I look that old? I did want to look at your products but because of your acknowledgment, I decided not to purchase any item from you. Please do be careful next time". She walked of unhappily.

I know of a man who is near 70 but still very active. Someone called him "uncle" and he just turned round and told that person, "Don't call me "uncle" as I am NOT your uncle. Call me "Sir" or "Mr". He looked very displeasured from his facial expression and the tone of his voice.

I know to many it is a normal thing. But believe me, I am sure most people preferred not to be called "aunties" and "uncles" unless related. Some Chinese would follow their kids calling neighbours as such. Not very amusing though. We should be addressing each other by name since we are neighbours.

I do not call people such unless they call me the same. There was one day at the market, this lady who is a fishmonger called me 'auntie". "Sweet", I said in my head. My next step was to call her the same back. One point for me as I can see from her face that she wasn't very glad. Hahaha anyway, she looks older so I was just being 'polite' like her. My way of getting back.....sarcastically well done.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rukun Tetangga Gathering on 20/9/08

On this day, I was asked to help by shooting photographs by the committee members of the Rukun Tetangga for our Mount Erskine area. Recently a gathering was organized because a group from Kuala Lumpur made a goodwill excursion here.

A buffet dinner was catered for this occasion. Everyone had a good time not only with the food but getting to meet new friends from afar. The members were very cooperative. Many good singers were discovered during the karaoke session.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garbage Enzymes

A month ago a friend introduced me to garbage enzyme. But as I did not have the proper method of doing it, I put it off until I read it in The Star publication. Later on, my brother talked about it and he got me the method of making garbage enzymes.

At first I tried it out in a small plastic container with screw-top cover. Note the container with the yellow cover. I have to stir it every day. After about two months, discovering that I was successful in this enzyme making, I decided to go for larger container. So see the red plastic container which I bought for this purpose. I added kamquat skins and some vegetables for my first experiment. Then for the red container, I added quite a few things like pomelo skins, papaya skins, lemon grass and kamquat skins.

This garbage enzymes will only be ready in 3 months period. The readied enzymes can be used for many purposes. To wipe your oily kitchen, to neutralized harmful chemicals in your shampoos and body shampoos, rub on your pimples, wash your vegetables to get rid of insecticides, just to name a few.

I noticed that at the Fettes Park market, a fruit seller is selling a small bottle of 500ml for RM3.

Next I am thinking of making eatable enzymes but have to go find the recipes from book available in health shops.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Python caught at New World Park

On 18th September, 2008, as my friend, Doris, and I were walking towards the side entrance of New World Park, we saw a large crowd gathered there. For a moment we thought that there was some kind of emergency like someone had a heart attack or someone may have fainted. Upon walking closer being curious, we saw the fire brigade. A large crowd surrounded in circle. I pushed myself into the crowd to have a glimpse of the happening. As I tucked my head in between a man and a fireman, I saw this python being held in custody by another fireman opposite. Awesome sight.. as I started to fish out my mobile phone camera. I began to snap as many photos as I could.

The bystanders looked curious, awed and were whispering among themselves. Curious to know how this python got here. Questions were hurled at one of the fireman. We were told that this python belonged to a pet shop nearby. Gosh, how could it have escaped? Was the owner careless to have left the latch unlocked? Or was the cage sabotaged by some mischievousness?

The poor reptile could have been dead trying to escape. Many things could have happened like a car running over it. Perhaps it may have died of hunger hiding in some polluted drains...or someone may have killed it unknowingly out of fear.

Anyway I am glad that it was taken care of by the firemen. Pythons are endangered species. Kudos to the firemen who were so calmed and reacted very fast.


Lately we were entertained by political issues. Some of them were like comedies to me. Well, episode after episode just like the Taiwanese dramas. When will the story end....and everyday something like a continuance with the last episode would arise. I would end the day with, "Let us see what is for tomorrow". Nothing can be predicted. Decisions just cropped up. And dreams shattered yet still persistent to dream on and on and on. Unrest were stirred up some unscrupulous scandalmongers. Texts were sent via mobile phones and emails. Some can be very funny, some false rumours and some too sensitive. We have to be very careful of what we are resending out. Usually I would delete those which I judged as too sensitive to be continued. Let there be peace instead of disharmony in our country. We do not need to hate each other for reasons of some irresponsible doings and words. The citizens hold the right to unity and for them to decide what they live in peace or to go for disharmony and fight. I would rather that we live in peaceful harmony whereby we can carry on as proud Malaysians - not as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian or others. Let us not degrade each other but instead respect each other irrespective of race and religion.

What a big shock!!!!!!

Melamine was found in baby formulas and some dairy products like yogurt, regular milk and ice cream. 22 producers in China were found guilty of tainting this dangerous chemical into the products. It had so far killed 4 babies and 6,244 were sickened which 158 were diagnosed with acute kidney failure. The irony was that it took them so long to recall those in the market. 69 batches of formula made by well known manufactures were found contaminated. Normally this industrial chemical is used in nonfood product.

I am truly skeptical about produces from China. The canned goods may contain stuffs which we might not be using as food. I was sent a few shocking emails on how chickens were processed. Made my tummy churned to be precised and I am glad that I am more on vegetables.

Not that I am against China products but they should be of international standard. They should not abused the quality of the products. Why must they add melamine to falsify protein? Knowingly that melamine can never replace protein at all. We do not need chemical for making plastic in us. Or are they trying to make us into plastics???? How can they cheat on their own countrymen? I dare say that they are trying to make more money by giving low quality goods.

What is the Health Ministry there doing? Don't they go into factories to make random checks on them? Human lives are at stake. We have heard so much about poor quality products from there BUT please do not take lives to make a living.

Chinese Opera

Recently the Taoist celebrated the Hungry Ghost month which falls on 7th Chinese moon every year. During this month the Taoist would pray to the dead. It was believed that during such month King of Hades would open the doors of Hell to let out all the ghosts. Some superstitious people will not go out during the night. Parents would disallow their children to go to the sea fearing that they may be captured by these so called hungry ghosts.

It is considered an inauspicious month and weddings are not encouraged. Fears were instilled into the minds of the Taoist.

But according to Theravada Buddhism, the explaination is about filial piety. The story started from a disciple of Guatama Buddha named Mongalana. He had dreamt that his mother was suffering in hell. And he went into hell to help his mother get out of the misery.

During this month the Buddhist would do dana (charity) in memory for the wondering souls. Prayers are offered and some will offer monks' requisites. The Mahayanas will be chanting for the lost souls for a number of days as stipulated by the different temples.

The Chinese operas will be employed by committees managing this celebration. This is a dying trade. But recently they are making a come back. They were replaced by singing. The irony is that the singers of such entertainment were dress scantily to attract more audience.

In my opinion, the Chinese opera is more suited. When I was a small girl, together my cousins and I would carry benches and we would place them at the best spot whereby we could get a good view. There were times we would cheekily sneaked back staged to have a peek at how the performers did their make-ups.

These operas if one can understand the story is very interesting. The story are based on ancient history.

Most of these performers come from Thailand. The costs of these are on daily basis. If not mistaken it is like MYR2000 per night.

The costumes are the main attraction. They are made of sequins and having seen them before, I can tell you that it is an easy task to tailor them.

Nowadays, the young do not appreciate such operas. When I went to take shots, I noticed that the crowd was not like those good old days.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Alice, Annie and Witchy Bitchy

The three of us had been friends for over 10 years when we were residing together at Wayton, Paya Terubong. We used to do dana at Mi Tor Si, Jalan Pokok Ceri, Air Itam. We were once Bhante Suvanno's followers. Bhante was introduced to us by another devotee, Leong, who is now a monk down in Johore.

We were seperated after Annie and her family shifted to Relau and there after to Sungai Petani. Alice shifted to another block of flats nearby Wayton. Later after that my family and I shifted to Mt. Eskine. We missed each other very much but it was impossible for Annie to drop by to see us. Time was the factor. But I am luckier than Alice for I did manage to meet up a few times with Annie.

Annie's husband just pasted away a month ago during an open heart surgery at Penang Adventist Hospital. It was very sudden and took us by surprised.

Finally we met up again yesterday when Annie was on her way to collect rental from her tenant. It was an exciting moment for us.

The Beach at Batu Ferringhi, Penang

Boy oh I miss the beach. I love the smell of sea spray.Quickly I rushed down to the beach. Stopped to take a long breath...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I love the smell of saltiness. Took off my sandals and off I ran. Rushing against the wind which swept my hair all over my face. I dug my feet into the soft sand...OHHHHHHH it feels soooo good as the waves beat onto the sandy beach. I bent down to catch the incoming waves as it splashed against my feet. The wind never stopped sweeping on my face as if it was giving me a good welcome kiss. The sound of waves coming slowly rolling to the shore.


Introducing witchy bitchy Nancy.....That's me.... LOL. Beautiful??????? I repeat again, BEAUTIFUL enough to hang it in your toilet? AS if I am that popular. Hahaha

Tammy Blondie

That's Tammy. Hey I really did a good job on her photo. Ohhh come on give me some credits........If any of you need your photos to be edited.....DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!!! Boy, I really love this. Fun to be a bitchy witch sometimes.


Well, well, well, meet MY HUBBY, Frankie. Did you all hear a song titled "Frankie"? This is an edited photo of him. Am now crazy about all this photo thingy but at times I had good laughs over what I did. Hmmmm, I do need to laugh at times at other people's expenses...Ya, am a witch riding on a vacuum cleaner. Rather very hi tech of witchy bitchy me.

That's Colin, a good online friend whom I met recently at Skype.

Just praying hard that Colin has a good record or I would definitely get him into deep shit.... Anyway, meet Colin. I found him at Skype when I was taking some sweet vengeance on behalf of a friend. For your information, I added as many Colins as I could during my hunt. But fortunately that Colin whom I wanted to pick on was never there as later I found out that Jeff was the actual person. Guest I would have kicked the wrong person on his arse then. LOL

I am again glad that Colin added me to his list of friends. And we had been joking and bickering with each other ever since the beginning of our friendship. We call each other "Mate". The Australians call you mate if you are their friend.

Well, now he calls me 'Rover'. Soooooo I am now his pet doggie. But don't anyone of you dare to call me that. Woof Woof Woof.....I bite.

Ermmmm, his original photo isn't like this. I edited it and this is

Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Extract from The Star dated 15th September,2008

While I was at my 'sanctuary' manning my business, I was at the same time holding Star Two. Well, I am very sure that most of us do what I am doing...killing time while sitting there or should I say no idling away and making full use of our precious time.

I was attracted to this article and I gather that it would be good to extract it and put it here in my blog.


Uncontrolled raging can pose a destructive force.

Is there such a thing as sexual addiction? Or could it be a convenient excuse for philandering husbands, Lotharios and porn purveyors to justify their behaviour?

According to clinical psychologist Datuk Dr. Mat Saat Mohd Baki, the nomenclature "addiction" is not accepted by their profession based on its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. He prefers to use the term sexual hyperactivity or hypersexuality.

University Sains Malaysia psychologist and criminologist Gheshina Aya Mat Saat points outthat some people consider those with sexual problems as having criminal inclinations. They may engage in activities such as frequenting sex workers or massage parlours, going to strip clubs obsessively, indulging in Internet and telephone sex, and having serial affairs. They may be in short-term marriages with different partners, and feel driven to have sex many times a day.

"Both viewpoints use sexual addiction as terminology and they refer to loss of sexual self-control, rather than as a moralistic stance against such behaviour. What is more important is that these behaviours result in harm to the people with such "addictions", their partners, or all parties," notes Geshina.

Harm could be in the form of physical and/or mental pain, financial or productivity loss, lapses in concentration, less time for family, work and relationships, and lost opportunity in other meaningful activities, says Dr Mat Saat.

He says there is still a lot of speculation on what hypersexuality is, and if it is a psychological condition or physiological one, or a combination of both.

The root of the problem is still unknown, says Geshina, adding that questions remain about how people become addicted to drugs. Both she and Dr Mat Saat rattle off a list of "symptoms" of hypersexual behaviour. Alarm bells should ring if you or someone you know:

1. Can't make it through the day without fantasising about, planning and engaging in risky sexual encounters.

2. Use the Internet to get sexually stimulated at work or at home.

3. Have a secret collection of porn material.

4. Have more sexual partners than he/she can remember.

5. Finds sexual experiences frequently disappointing.

6. Can't banish certain sexual thoughts.

7. Lost a job or relationship due to sexual activities.

8. Feel under intense pressure and completely controlled by sexual desires.

9. Suffer serious losses - normally money or time better spent on something else - because of sexual behaviour.

10. Use sex to feel better.

11. Lie to people he/she cares about regarding his/her sexual activities.

Some may agree that some of the items on the list are not indicative of abnormal sexual behaviour.

"A lot of problems in which the brain is obsessed with one activity - whether it is sex, drugs or alchohol. - tend to occur together," points out Dr. Mat Saat.

Problems that accompany sexual hyperactivity include depression, anxiety, mood disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and manic-depression. Some individuals suffer from two or more conditions simultaneously, but traits of addiction are often confused with those of these disoders, says Dr Mat Saat.

While psychologists and psychiatrists contend that hypersexuality is not gender-specific, Geshina says in Malaysia there have been no studies on the subject. The only related study here involved sexual offenders in prisons.

As to treatment of the condition, Dr Mat Saat says behavourial therapy with a trained and qualified therapist is required. It can be done individually or as a group (current method being used in Malaysian prisons).

In the United States, treatment includes joining a group much like Alchoholics Anonymous. that includes getting a sponsor, doing a 12-step programme and abstaining from sex. The "no sex" rule is normally for a period of six weeks.

"Generally speaking, the object of treatment is to have the "addict" back to accepted behaviour that is not harmful to anyone.

"And if you suspect you have a problem, seek professional diagnosis," says Geshina.

Author of this article is S.S YOGA

Saturday, September 13, 2008

More on Friendship

Friends are very important in our life. Without friends our life would be flat and tasteless. We should all try to value all our friends. They are heaven sent.

I have some younger friends whom I have adopted as my brothers and one even became my Godson. It may sound strange but it is fun having such close knitted friendship. It is like an extended family. My Godson, Anthony Heng, actually calls me 'Mama'. Craig, a Nigerian, whom I met at Netlog is now a brother to me.

Talking about Craig...we had not chatted for a long time as he was busy with work. Today I managed to catch him online. We chatted and he said 'I love you' but quickly wrote asking me not to misunderstand him as his love is that of a brother. Hehehe and my response was, 'Don't worry as I know that'. He has been away from his country for quite awhile. He is very caring too. He is always scared that I may be cheated by others and told me recently that he would kill anyone who hurt me. What a good compliment...Am glad that I met you. I told Craig to come visit me this December as he had never been to Penang yet and not to miss this opportunity. As once he is posted back to his homeland, it will not be possible for us to meet.

Baby Teoh, my childhood friend, is always ringing me up from Perlis. We met when we were 13. That is a long time I can hear you say. Yup, I do miss her and it is always good to hear her vibrant voice on the phone. We used to go places together. I do missed the good old days.

My uncle, Boon Hean, is a friend as well. The wonderful uncle whom I adored and teased. Yes, I teased my very own uncle. He used to play tricks on me when I was staying with him and his family. And I guess it is my turn now for revenge...Sweet revenge.

Audrey and Daniel Leow, my Godbrother's parents. Ohhh, I do love them. They are the sweetest human beings on earth. If u had met them, I assure you that you would wish they are your parents as well.

Anna, my young Croatian friend, whom I called My Malecka (small one) is ever so sweet. She is full of energy and we teased each other by texting. We would just shout, 'COFFEE?'. Lol but if she did not answer that means she has not enough credits in her account. Cute......

Friday, September 12, 2008

True Friendship

Hi there dear all,

I decided to poke my pretty face out again. I know it had been a real loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg time since I blogged. My excuse this time is not shear laziness but truthfully speaking I did not have a clue of what I am going to write about. My mind was just a big blank or should I say I was blackout. Hahahaha a chatty person like me to be labeled as 'blackout' is rather hilarious I know.

So today I am going to write about true friendships. I did write about online friendship earlier on. Well, go pages back to find it. Don't ask me for assistance as I am not sure about where it was. Moreover this is one good way of getting my new friends to read my other topics. Tricky me????? LOL.....

Let me get back into line, I have many friends around and here in Penang, Perlis, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Seremban. Online friends goes as far as Switzerland,Netherlands, Australia, India, Croatia, South Africa and Canada. I enjoyed making friends of various races and nationality. My friends included both genders. I don't just choose males but females as well. I know that most males would prefer to have only female contacts and vice versa. But I am different....anyone can be my friend even gays. I do not look down on people because of their colours. They can be black, blue, green, red , orange, white, yellow or brown to name a few of the colours. So you can see that I am colour blind and am not a racist.

I value all my friends and I love them all. My love is unconditional. No, I am not into relationship kind of thing. Just mutual..I hate stress. And I dare tell you that there are times friends can get on my nerves. Some thought that they may get away with lies. True friendship is a matter of trust, not stabbing her/him from behind and still think that she/he is stupid enough not to be able to find out. There are times things just revealed itself without even the other party taking the effort to dig out. I can tell you that this hurts a lot when truth sneaks out.

As for me, I go online chatting with friends to kill time and also with hopeful hopes that I will find some whom I can call true friends and make them my friends in life......Hoping to meet up one day. Doesn't mean that when one goes online, it is all about sex. Makes us freaky, right? Doesn't mean that if I on my webcam, I have to show my nakedness. No, I am not a pervert nor am I a nymphomaniac. When I meet my friends whom I found online, it doesn't mean that we are having sexual relationships. And I did meet up with a few whom I enjoyed talking to and having meals with. This platonic kind of friendship will last longer than just sexual.

Well, I am open-minded of course but I believe that sexual motivated kind of friendship will not last long. What is on the other person's mind in reality? We never know as it is always praises that we heard. For all we know that other mind may be full of criticism and mind u the mind can be sarcastic too. The irony is we will never find out.

Next come controlling...I have some friends who loves to control. For example, when traveling..she had to be the one to tell us where to stay, where to eat, where to go, what to buy and what to eat. Wow, this is very pushy. You know I rather that we discuss and make decision collectively. I have a friend who planned to come here soon. Being a foreigner, he asked me to plan his vacation for him. Alright, plan..that is good. But I have to consider his likes and dislikes. I can't just pull him along and say, "Hey, you stay here" without even knowing if he fancies such a place. Or "Hey, you got to try this curry" and not knowing that he is allergic to it. Friendship is about consideration.

Then again friendship is not selfish.....This is a good one. I love sharing all my friends without fear of my friends being snatched off by another. Never have I labeled them as MY or MINE. After all they don't belong to me nor would I like to be tied down by them. We have to have freedom to mingle around without tying up our friendship. But definitely I would say MY HUSBAND as we are tied down in matrimony. If those of you who had been chatting online with me, you will notice that I never like to sound possessive.

Laurent, a French friend who is working in Switzerland, and I will be celebrating our 1 year of online friendship in October. Gosh, I am saying this in pride. He had been very consoling during my downs. And believe it or not we don't lie to each other. He hates lies and so do I. Times I may be a bit of a teaser. Yes, I joke a lot and that spiced things out. I am always teasing him. We are frequently chatting. Not an on off thing. So that is why I am proud that we are friends up until now.

Tammy is my shopping companion. We met a few months ago. Staying just behind where I am staying makes us close. We talk at the back door. And we go online everyday to chat making others think we are very far apart.

Colin whom I just got to know is fun to chat with. He is full of vitality and he made me laugh a lot. Now I am his dog (bitch would be proper). He called me Rover. Guess he did not realize that I am a female. LOL

Rob Vis is another precious online friend who had captured my friendship. He would let me see him on cam even though I do not have a webcam. That is trust.

Joe Lim, Eddie Wong, William, Constance, Kimmy, JLE, Kenrick, Richard, Jenny, Lisa, Mike, motoleng, etc etc to name a few...We started out as group chatters. Now we good friends.

So to summarize true friendship....truthful, sharing, no pressure, freedom all the time, trust and no back biting.

Cheerio pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

If you are an animal lover...u till definitely love this.

I do not know how much an animal lover you are. But if you take the trouble to watch this clip, I am sure you are going to love animals whcih we think is untamable. This clip brings tears to my eyes.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More beautiful songs.....

Don't you agree that these are beautiful music???? Enjoy and if ever you feel like dancing just let your hair down and dance with your partner or by yourself. Good exercise I assure you.

Thanks again Franklin for the sharing.

Wonderful song.....

Shared by a new found friend of mine, Franklin from Canada. He plays the bass. He is a native and very friendly indeed. Thanks Franklin for the songs shared with me. Appreciate them all.

Enjoy this song...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Come on join me for some exercises and fun!!!!! alllllll. Come join me for some fun and health. Keeps you happy, young and fit. Believe me, I am doing this at home....

Jeorge's aerobics 15 years anniversay dinner.

I have been doing the aerobics at Youth Park on Wednesdays at 6.30pm. Jorge is our instructor. Recently (12th July, 2008) we had our 15th anniversay dinner at Tanjung Bungah Hotel. It was a fun night for us. We had a lot of games, prizes and dance. Well, if any of you are interested you can always join us at the Youth Park. Come join us for health and fun.......

One million and one apologies....

Hi friends....

Sorry that I was not updating my blog for months. I have a good reason for that and the reason is SHEER LAZINESS. Isn't that a good reason??? Tell me it is....Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. Don't make me feel guilty!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Good bargain....

Hey, today I went on a good shopping spree with Tammy at Esprit located at Gurney Plaza. It was rather impromtu. Tammy informed me about the mid-year sales when we met up to meet her brother at his office. Since she is a card holder for Esprit members, I took the opportunity to go for the bargain. It was like 50% off given to non-members and another 20% off for members. All in 70% discount..... so how to resist this, huh??? Temptatin is great. I picked 4 pieces of t-shirts and they fitted me me nicely. So I bought all of them. Temptation is to be blamed. YESSSSSS< BLAME IT ON MISS TEMPTATION.....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Make Life Pleasant

"Life is short and we do not know when we will die...." This is my qoute to my parents whenever they argued over minor things making a mountain out of a molehill. They are married for over 50 years and they never stopped arguing all these years. Dad gets easily irritated after repeatingly calling my mom for help. And mom refused to get her butt going thinking that dad is being ridiculous.

I have many times explained to her that she should not be arrogant thinking that dad is senile and is not able to hear her when she made bad remarks. Earlier a few days back, she called me to bring my family over to their place as she said dad is feeling unwell. I panicked and I rushed to summon my children over. I had to cancel fetching my son's friend and family who just arrrived from Pulau Langkawi.

Today the same thing happened...Frankie and I were busy this morning and we decided to go see them after we run our errands. Frankie went up to their place first and when I arrived, Frankie whispered to me that dad was unwell. Having experienced his false alarm lately made me wiser not to panic. I touched his head. there was no fever. Then I took out the blood pressure monitor and monitored his blood pressure. The blood pressure was good. Then I questioned him if he had any dizziness but he gave me some other answer. He had told Frankie that he had some pain at his abdomen but upon questioning he asid that he has no pain at all.

So I stayed back to observe him while Frankie and Emmelia went home. I could see that he was not at all sick. I decided to lecture them for the traumas they had caused me. I told them that they may one day caused me to meet with an accident with their false alarm. I may be driving like the world is ending thinking that they are not well. This may cause me my life I told them and they may regret for they were only quarrelling over small issues. In fact, if anyone of you had seen me running that day, you would have understand. After the incident, I discovered that I had somehow knocked myself against whatever during my rush that my thighs were having blue black marks and the mark near my knee was rather painful.

So I gave them a was a very long one but to summarize it I told them to reconcile and be loving with each other while they still can as life is short.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Woman gets to revert to original religion.

Kudos to the Penang Syariah High Court's decision allowing convert Siti Fatimah Tan Abdullah aka Tan Ean Huang, 39, to renounce Islam and revert to her original faith, Buddhism. I am sure that Tan converted out of love for her ex-husband, an Iranian. She may have made the wrong decison for unfortunately she was left on the perch after he left her a few months of their marriage. In other words the Islamic faith was never instilled in her.

This decision is indeed in line with Article 11 (1) of the Federal Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion. Surely there are more out there like Tan. Tan has been very bold to be standing that long to fight for her rights. May I also question about Lina Joy? Seems that all of a sudden news about her had come to a halt. I am still interested to know what the out come of her case is. It should not be kept away from people who had been concerned about Lina Joy and would be good if we were given updates on her case.. Hopefully we will not be kept in the dark.

It is only fair that a person who had never practised the faith of his or her religion be given the jurisdiction to renounce. Don't you think that it is rather ridiculous to force someone into a religion which she or he doesn't believe? Yet The Star dated 10th May 2008 reported that Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin stated that he hoped to seek audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agung to prevent such matter from recurring. Does this mean that future cases will not be given such chance to revert? Does it mean that Tan's case will be the first and the last? Well, in my personal opinion, people do change their mind from time to time and many too do change their religions. Hence it is only fair that the government be open minded and allow individuals to choose.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spirits, ghost or demons

Do you believe in spirits, ghosts and demons? Decide for yourself after watching this clip.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Aloysius Lim You Ming

Come everyone meet Aloysius, Joe Lim's youngest baby and my youngest Godson. I have not seen him since he was brought home. What a Godma......Unfortunately Godma is a little busy. Well, I am sure I will one fine day. Joe told me that he is very mischievous and I say he is smart. By the way, today,8th May, 2008, is his full moon. Joe sent me a box of goodies which I attacked forgetting to take photo of it. Maybe next year if things goes well, I may receive another too from Joe....LOOOOL Ermmm, he shared that his deity said he may get another baby next year. But Jasmine said, "NO THANKS". Hehehe. Ok, back to my dearest Aloysius....He is getting more and most handsome as days goes by. And as his Godma, my wish is for him to grow up into a handsome, studious and intelligent boy. And also that he will grow up to be a fine young man. May God bless him all the time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Honey Yummy Prawns

This is my signature dish...Hehehe wondering if I should use the word 'signature'. Anyway, this is a yummy dished which I usually cook when I buy succulent medium sized prawns. Why medium???? Well, because large ones are just too expensive and I have a budget. This yummy dish was taught to me by my aunt Kooi Choo when I went to stay with her. Simple and deeeelicious.You want the recipe??? LOL Remember it is a signature dish and hmmmmmmm should I keep it a secret in case I decided to 'sell' the secret????? May make millions who knows.......hehehe.

Homemade Crepes...woohooooooooooo

Hey......this is homemade. And I really mean it because I made it myself. Unbelievable?????? BELIEVE IT!!!! I really made them myself. How did I do it? Well, one evening Joe Lim invited me out with Shelly and his wife Jasmine. We ended up at Northam Foodcourt at Northam Road. I decided to order from this stall which serves crepes and pastas. The person preparing the food is a local Chinese lady and the man whom I presume is her husband is either French or Italian was doing the serving. I went for Tuna Crepes. Well, I had to wait for quite a long time before I get my plate of crepes. Tummy was growling badly and afraid that my order may have been forgotten, I went to remind the dear lady about my order. Finally after everyone had nearly finished their dinner, mine came. I cut a small piece of the tuna crepes and put it in my mouth to savour what looks so appetizing. Mmmmmm, it was really, really fabulous. I slowly put another piece to get to understand the ingredients used.
Then one fine day, I decided to try out if what I thought were the ingredients used were what was actually being used. Amazingly, intelligently (those are praises for my humble self) I managed to produced crepes for six (6) people. LOL They were my guinea-pigs, i.e. my mom, dad, maid, Frankie and Emmelia. Glad to tell you that they had a good time consuming the lovely plate of crepes that I cunningly decorated to make the whole thing looked appetizing. Anyway, no one dared to give me bad ratings because I never accepted such bluntness. HAHAHA...

Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, En Mohd. Sabri Hussain (Awie)

Meet our Proton sales representative, En. Mohd Sabri Hussain. He is known to us as Awie. He is very friendly and very helpful from day one until today. The moment Frankie and I stepped into the Proton showroom, we were quickly greeted warmly by Awie. He made us feel very welcomed. Due to his friendly nature, he caught our attention and our hearts. He answered all our questions and was very patient in giving us details of the new Saga BLM. Due to his good naturedness, politeness, friendliness and patience, Frankie decided to sign up with Awie. Awie is always smiling and very apologetic even when he met up with difficult customers. It made me wondered when is it that he will flare up. Anyway, he is the most helpful representative that we have ever met. He is able to explain in details about Proton to give us a clear picture of happenings. If anyone of you have any interest in purchasing a Proton car, do contact Awie at 016 4753197/019 4753197 or look for him at Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, 45 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang. I guarantee you that he is the best. By the way, Proton's standard has improved unlike the complaints we heard earlier on.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dr. Beat Richner, a paediatrician...

I was told about Dr. Beat Richner by a very dear friend, Laurent, who is contributing monthly to Dr. Beat's foundation. Dr. Beat (pronounced as Bee yat)is a hero and an angel in our time. Do read more about him at wikipedia. For me to write about him is going to be too long. My friend told me that he and his wife will willed their money to Dr. Beat's foundation when they are old. That is really nice of them to be so compassionate towards those poor children in Cambodia. Well, we, too, can be mothers and fathers to those poor sickly children there or anywhere. Just add in some love and compassion like Dr. Beat and his team. And to my dear friend, Laurent, and his wife....keep on the good work. May God bless them all.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

You can do it too if you have the will.

A sharing from my dear Godbrother, Fr. Julian Leow. It is really amazing how this wonderful talented lady without hands can make daily routine so simple. It is all in her will to carry on with her life which all of us should be like her.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dedication for Robert Skudd

Hope you will enjoy listening to Engelbert. The songs he sang brings back the good old days.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Raymond, my upline in MST

This is Raymond...Erm of course I do not have to indicate which one is him. After all there is only two of us in this photo. LOL
Raymond is my up upline. That means he is above Joe Lim and I am below Joe. Am I confusing you??? Confusion is my speciality anyway. Well, the three of us are in MST. Raymond is our stockist now.
He is a very down to earth man and ermmm...looks kind of macho too, eh? Hahahaha. Not for sale though the pendants are. HEHEHEHEHE
We are all proud owners of MST Energy pendants. I have proudly distributed pendants to my relatives with confidence of the help it can give. I have not been disappointed at all and glad to share that I have had good feedbacks. Frankie's sister said that her sleep used to be interrupted by frequent nightly rush to the toilet every night. I let her wear the pendant and just one one day of wearing it she told me that she did not have to get up that frequent but only twice. She also said that her mouth which was painful cos of gum boil was relieved too. I was happy to hear that as I never expect such healing to be that fast. Now she is trying it on her aches.
Another sister-in -law is now eager to share her experience with her friend in Bangkok. Somporn, Frankie's second brother's wife, is from Thailand and she is a health enthusiast like me. We have this motto "Prevention is better than cure".
This newly launch energy pendant is a real babe which is a good investment for our health. It is the third generation and lots of improvement can be seen.
Come learn about scalar energy at

MST Meeting at B Suite with Malek Noor

Here I am at the second meeting with Malek Noor but this is my first. It was a very interesting meeting as Malek was a very good spokesman. He was able to joke which made it so interesting.
MST stands for Mineral Science Technology. It specialised in the energy pendant which is now made in Malaysia with technology from Japan and Germany. Gosh, we should be proud about it. I have earlier explained about this wonderful pendant. And am proud to say that all those who had got the pendants are proud owners because we are able to boast about our good health now.
Look at the photographs which I had shot carefully. To proof the power of the scalar energy and its properties, Malek daringly burned his arm and chin without any protection from creams, magic potion (LOL) or protection from genie as Malek put it. It is all due to the scalar energy. Nothing to do with supernaturals.
Look at the crowd....It was a good turn out. We were enlightened with more knowledge as questions were asked. Joe Lim gave his testimony regarding his wife who just had a caesarian. I personally went to see his wife who had given birth to Aloysius. I was awed to see her so active and alert just hours after the operation. BRAVO JASMINE!!!!!! Want to know the secret???? She had been drinking the water energised by the pendant. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN JASMINE.....
As for myself, I have not been so tired after wearing it. I have lots of errands to run and usually I could not take it. But I am proud to share that I had not been ill since the day I started wearing the pendant. You can always refer to my colleague how my health was like before. I would fall sick for a stretched of 3 months. That was rather long and believe me I had to spend a lot of money for cures. BUT THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT.....AGAIN THANKS TO JOE LIM WHO HAD NOT GIVEN UP HOPE TO INTRODUCE IT TO ME.

Cheng Beng (All Souls Day)

Today we went to Frankie's grandmother's grave to pay respect to her. The engraving on her gravestone had faded and was repainted days before we went to pray at the site. There were seven of us; Beng, Puteh, Bah ko, Eng, Somporn, Frankie and myself. It was very hot in the afternoon. Offerings of dumplings, kuihs and fruits were placed on the tiny altar. Jokes were cracked by Eng and Beng. Puteh, my sister-in-law, seemed to have a lot to say to her grandmother. Her prayer was a very long one. By the way, the grandmother's name was Cheah Choo Khuan. She passed away at the age of 70 in 1952.

Old memories seemed to creep in and history was told by each of the siblings. I am sure everyone of them have their own fond memory of their dear grandmother. I was told that she was a very kind and loving old lady. May God bless her soul.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

YEEEHAAAA, now I am able to add back the links!!!!

After half an hour of figuring and figuring...I finally get to add back the links which I lost. Ermmm, sorry, I did actually figured it out on the same day that my itchy fingers deleted all links. HEHEHE just that I was too lazy (the usual excuse) to inform all you darling friends of mine about it. Well, life is just too interesting having me around.

Catching the rainbow*****

The other day my husband, Frankie, saw a double rainbow from our apartment. He called to me and I was amazed to see such a beautiful sight. Remembering what Lillian Too had taught, I quickly grabbed hold of my camera and started to shoot pictures of it. I told Frankie to held out his hand. He was not sure what I was doing but he did it anyway. Then I told him to take mine. It was a very rare thing for me to see a double rainbow. Very pretty and unique.