Thursday, January 31, 2008

Attitude Problem?

I cannot helped shooting these photographs at one of the Toto outlet here in Penang. Notice the paper baskets??? They were placed on the right and left in the outlet for the convenience of punters. Yet notice those papers being shrewd all over the place? Gosh (and a heavy sign .....) why can't people just throw their rubbish in the paper baskets provided? What is happening to civics? No more civic-minded people or were they banished from this earth of ours? WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON? If we are so fond of keeping our own house spic and span, why can't we do too outside our living space. We should be considerate ..... we can't go spoiling other people's place or public places. We cannot be that inconsiderate, can we? It is just a big shame that some jokers out there have brains the size of a pea.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just about people

Life is a long long route to meeting people...and I mean lots and lots of people. I have come across friendly, helpful, playful ones (I am one of this category), calculative ones and etc. etc. Truthfully the ones that turn me off are the calculative type. I wound definitely give them thumbs down and a BIG BOOOOOOOO. There are some who would even collect 10sen from us. That is how generous such a person can be. And such generosity arises even before a meeting is schedule... For example, a meeting was planned, as for me, I would not mind paying for the bill because friendship to me is not about money. But some would discuss about how to split the bill before proceeding with the plan. Hmmm, no wonder some complained that they are loners. Heck, I think they deserve it. Such a character will go no where near friendship. One friend I happen to know would ask us to take turn paying. Well, as cunning as he was, he would order all the goodies he fancied when another person was paying (e.g. brandy, cigarettes, satay, steamed whole chicken). But when he was paying, he would carefully scanned the orders. The disgusting thing was that he would stop orders if the food or drinks were expensive. What a knuckle head he was. This very person too asked his ex-girlfriend to get tickets for the shows so that he can saved. What a miser. Life must have been miserable for him.
Did I mention 'HE'? Yet I do come to know a few guys who would be smiling whenever I offered to treat them. Can I make my comment??? I was only being sarcastic. What kind of a man is this????? Trying to take the most out of friendship. I am a reasonable lady but there are limits. Well, any lady would be pissed off by such people.
Talking about calculative, I have gone on a vacation with one who would make collections there and then at the eateries. Gosh, can't she do that when we got back to the hotel??? As if we would not pay her the moment we finished the food. Tsk, tsk....
Some do take our friendship for granted and they can be too demanding. They would ask for favours. Well, not that I disapproved but there should be a limit. Come to a certain level where such so called friends would give us a scare. Such people comes with a package of unreasonable demands.
But thank God, I have more pleasant friends than the unpleasant. What a blessing!! My good friends are too many to mention but I am sure that they know who they are. Love all of you dearly....muahhhhhh

My new monitor.

At last my long awaited monitor. It is a Samsung, 19 inches. WOOHOO... now I do not have to squint my poor eyes. It is so clear and so sharp. I am on cloud nine at the moment.

Monday, January 28, 2008

You"re Beautiful

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
F**king high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

A short sharing about the QUANTUM PENDANT.

I have always been a skeptic when it comes to such gadgets. I would brush it as multi level marketing or that people are just making fast bucks through their sweet talks and claims.
I first heard about the Quantum Pendant from my husband and because I had bought another product claiming to have such wonderful properties and the wonderfulness of that product, I brushed it off as another bullshit.
Then came Joe Lim who is my online friend, he chatted about it during one of our casual recordings. He gave Richard Loh (another online friend) and I the website for further reference. I had a look at it but just pushed it to the very corner of my mind. As time went by, I initially forgot about the object.
Then came the worst in my life, my dad was admitted and readmitted for his ailments (low sugar, high blood pressure, diabetic, aches and pains, grogginess, dizziness and false alarms of heart attack). You can very well say he really scared the hell out of me. The peak was when he fainted and my mom was unaware about it. He was very lucky as I arrived on time to save him according to the doctor. Of course he was admitted but only for a night.
Thereafter, he was complaining about his bad health. At times he would just be staring. His response was slow and he did not like going out any longer. That was very abnormal...So when my brother, his wife and mother-in-law, Cecilia Hong, came to pay him a visit, Cecilia mentioned about the pendant. She took it out from her breast (I will tell you why as I go on) to show it to us. That was the first time I get a glimpsed of it. Wanna guess what was in my thought??
In my pretty old brain I secretly went, "Oh my good Lord, this is the ugliest pendant I had ever seen...Urrgh, don't expect me to wear that 'thing'". As you can well see, it is ugly...Hahaha.
Cecilia did advised me to get it for my dad. Again I put it off as another gimmick. Then she rang me up one fine sunny day to reveal to me that she had a lump earlier on her breast (AHAAAAA, now you know why she had dug the pendant out from her breast) and that to her astonishment, her physician at the hospital told her that it had shrunked. She was amazed. Ok, that was good news and she again persuaded me to buy one for my dad. I was still skeptical and I am not willing to part anymore of my hard earned money for such gadgets...WHAT IF IT DOESN'T WORK!!!
Then Joe contacted me again via Skype. I agreed to meet him at the Quantum Pendant center on a Thursday evening as Malek Noor would be there to give a talk. Awwww, I was ...(blush) the same time hoping to meet this heavy weight champion and what other good excuses can I use.
Somehow I told Joe that I have this other disc made of glass which I had bought prior to helping a so called friend in her so called business. But this piece of glass was very expensive. Anyway, Joe had thought that at such an exorbitant price, it could be better than the Quantum Pendant.
We decided to meet up at my place the next day which was a Wednesday. That was my second encounter with Joe and first with his evergreen pretty wife, Jasmine. Joe did some tests on my husband, Frankie. The tests with my disc failed and both Frankie and I were shocked to see immediate results.
There and then I ordered a set of four pendants and a Titanium Flask. But Joe told me to be patient and to order only after we heard the talk the next day by Malek Noor. I told him that I wanted to make my order NOW. I proceeded to my room to get him the cash. Joe was kind enough to take me to the center that very day. And I saw another demonstration there too.
I was not sure how I was going to get my dad to wear it. Well, he is another skeptic for your information. Hmmmm, I prayed hard for a way...real hard. And the next day, I finally met Malek Noor. He is a down to earth person. I was talking to him and WOOOOO DID I ENJOY IT????? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
Then 'poof' my brain started working again...because through Malek Noor's sharing I suddenly got an idea. Then next day, I had my dad wearing the pendant. I energized water using the pendant for him and my mom to drink. As for myself, I even bathe with the water, washed my face and I love doing it because the water has a smooth texture. Now I drink lots of water compared to before and that goes with my family. The water tasted different.
As for my dad, he felt better health wise... He did not admit it at first. Ermm, sort of egoistic. But my mom told me that he was able to mop the house that morning. I was surprised as it was just a day of wearing the pendant. I was shouting "Praise the Lord" in my heart. Finally after a few weeks of wearing the wonderful pendant, his dizziness, grogginess, aches and pains disappeared. He is back to his old normal self.....That is, giving lots of administrative instructions. Oh, well, at least he is alright now. Gosh, I really do have to find ways to get out of all these mind squeezing things. LOL DAD IS BACK TO NORMAL.
Well, one has to see and try it to believe. I highly recommend it to everyone, young and old. It truly helps. As for myself, I am now more energetic and I wake up full of zest and jest. My face is more radiant. It also strengthens the body's biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting my health as I am at my computer most of the day. For us ladies, it also helps to retard the aging process. How about that.....
Come and see for yourself. This is no bullshit. Go to this website to see for yourself how the demo was done.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Come join me for a good laugh.


Lust Caution

WTF is this??????????

Can anyone here tell me what fruit is this? I found this amazing species at Tropical Fruit Farm, Balik Pulau. I did ask the cashier about it but I was told that he did not know either. He said the fruit was quite new to the farm too. Hmmmm must have been and accidental discovery.


Lisa is on my left, on her left is Meow Meow and on Meow Meow's left is Tammy.... and on Tammy's left is NOBODYYYYY. Hmmm , u may asks why am I going left. Want to know the answer??? Hmmmm, should I or shouldn't I tell you? LOL Okie dokie that's because I am a lefty. And it won't be nice if my friends didn't join me...
I first met Lisa online and we decided to meet up...possibly out of curiosity for each other. HAHA maybe she was wondering how this old monkey is really like. She decided to include Tammy and Meow Meow whom also I met through MSN. Tammy and Meow Meow were added to the chat by Lisa. And Mike Tam was the one who introduced me to Lisa.Unfortunately Mike was unable to join us for reasons unknown.
Lisa 'collected' us in her car and we headed to Tanjung Country Club for dinner. We were a chatty lot. Lisa, Tammy and Meow Meow are very down to earth friendly people. Tammy wasn't feeling very well that day due to her migraine...Poor Tammy, yet it was so kind of her to join us despite her bad headache. We did not or was it that I did not realised her discomfort until she ran to the rest room to throw out.
Lisa and Meow Meow are very bubbly. Meow Meow can be a bit blurry but she is cute. She is the youngest in the group. And yours truly is the oldest as usual...or should I put it as most matured?????
As time went by, we found out that we are a bunch of jokers...oh, well, otherwise may I say 'loonies'???I was thinking of creating a club for us loonies. And the club will be called Loonies' Creator Club. And the house rule is to be crazy throughout your life.
Dinner at Tanjung Country Club was wonderful...The food served were yummy. Lisa tabbed in...Thanks, Lisa, for the treat. We had chosen the right food menu. Congratulation to the four of us.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Tan Sri P. Ramlee was born Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh. He contributed in the Malaysian movie and music industry as well as in the literary scene. Thus he is often attributed as the icon of Malay entertainment both in Malaysia and Singapore.
His big break came on 1 June 1948 when he was spotted by B.S Rajhans, a Tamil film director from Malay Film Productions of Jalan Ampas, Singapore.
Ramlee directed his first film "Penarik Beca" (The Trishaw Man) seven years later. His films are still popular among the modern Malay film watchers.
On 27 May 1973 P. Ramlee passed away at the age of 44 due to heart complication. A memorial known as the P. Ramlee Memorial was set up in 1986 in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur in honour of his contribution to the Malaysian entertainment industry. He was posthumously awarded with the honorific title "Tan Sri" in the early 1990s


You may be wondering why I am sobbing....I should hit myself on the head or may be I should give you the courtesy to do it (slap...slap). See carefully the chain and pendants which I wore in this picture. Well, I lost it today. No, not to robbery. I was in my car and was overwhelmed with my new silver chain. It was so shiny and I was wondering if my white gold chain was as shiny. Being curious, I took it off. And I guess upon putting it back, I did not notice that the hook was not intact. I only discovered the lost when I was washing a few of my old silver trinkets. My husband and I ran down to the parking area to see if we were lucky enough. Well, hard luck as we did not find it.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Calling Constance Chan, this is dedicated specially to you. Oh, yes, I love it and I just wished I am Mrs. Jones. WOOHOO ... pssst, don't you wished too. LOL

Michael Buble Lyrics
Me And Mrs Jones Lyrics

Jay Chou

My dear Kevin Lim aka Taugeh,
This song is dedicated to you for being such a wonderful Bean sprout (Taugeh). Wish to also thank you for teaching me how to get Youtube to my blog. You are very helpful indeed and is never too tired to help anyone in distress. I hopefully hope with high hopes that you will like it. HEHEHEHE ENJOY THS SONG, OKAY??

Chinese Backstreet Boys


Great Voice

PRRRRRRTTTTTTT I wish to dedicate this song to all my friends at PGHK Sembang and also to those who had left on their own accord. And also not forgetting those who were 'sent off' for 'non-performance'.
Care for a dance anyone out there????? Aha, let's just sway on .......Be happy and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Specially For Laurent Pierre


Hallo Vriendin (Dutch)

Greetings and warm kisses.....muahhhhhhh

WASSUP, DOC????? That was the line Bugs Bunny used. Cute, isn't he? He was and still is my favourite cartoon character. I have downloaded Bugsy both in my computer and my mobile phone. Just to make sure that Bugsy remains with me, I even burned them into the cd.

Enough of good old Bugs.... That was just a starting point for this topic. LOOOOL I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those who had somehow got into my life ....can I put it as crept into my life one way or another through Skype, MSN, Facebook, Penang Hokkien Sembang or friends. Just to let you know, I have enjoyed your friendship and everyone of you is special to me in your very own way (hugs).

In the beginning, I never thought that friendship can be created through online. It was just a game for me...a past-time just to get by the day. Yup, life was boring for me since I stopped work. My brother was the one who suggested Skype to me though I had read it at PGHK forum. I wasn't sure what it was all about. AND NOW I AM HOOKED....Ermmm, am not a hooker...(check that out in your dictionary) looooool I should have used the word 'addicted'. Oh well, whatever....BUT never ever say I am a hooker cos that ain't nice. :( (sniggering and still sniggering) And it ain't the correct word to use either....(more sniggers)

Thanks John Ong for adding me to PGHK and from there the road to friendship goes on until today. I have found and even met up with a few online friends like Joe Lim aka Tox and his wife, Boo Leong aka Barra, Dragon Leng (he ain't much of a dragon actually), Lisa, Tammy and Tony Leong aka sotongbin (wondering still how long his tentacles are stretching),just to name a few. Bet I will meet up with more online friends in the near future.

Hey, hey,,,Laurent Pierre is worth mentioning. He founded me in Skype and I accepted his friendship. He is what any lady would want to have as a friend..understanding, kind, lots of patience...YEEEHAAAAAAA to add more SORRY GIRLS, HE IS MARRIED. Hehehehehe Hope to meet up with Laurent one day in future!!!!!!

My next mission is to meet up with Hoon (my twin), Eddie Wong aka Hainankia, Kenrick (he was briefly in PHGK), Kevin Lim aka Taugeh whom I called Tau Tau, Shirley aka Taoju and etc, etc and etc. Hehehe too many to fill in. No hard feelings if I had missed out names...and I know I did. Hey, Jesse aka Kim Mo and Josephine aka Hainan kei pui, you are definitely in my list.

Last but not least, yours truly here hopes that our friendship will never gone soar or just poof into thin air....This does happen for your information. :0 In conclusion , online friends can turn out to be buddies and best buddies if we play the game right. That includes respect, patience, understanding, not being over demanding, not forceful, not being too insistent and giving out lots of love and care.




Nobody knows I have a twin sister. Oh, well, neither did we. We happened to discover each other as we traveled along the route of friendship. Somehow we were surprised by the miraculous discovery. We have so much similarities that we were awed. The only differences are that we are 12 years apart. Me being the eldest of course. We resided far apart from each other. She is way down South and I am way up North. And we don't share the same husband....(mischievous smile :P ). She collects green bags and I collect t-shirts.

Let me introduce her to you...Are you well prepared???????? Constance Chan aka Hoon from Singapore is my other half. We have moles on our face...hmm, we did not check where else but that is not for you to know even if we did make any comparisons. LOL..Shhhhh, Hoon.

We have two kids each but again mine is bigger since I am the elder twin. Hahaha...She has two lovely bubbly girls and I have a pair. That is a boy and a girl.

We were even shocked when we learned that we have the same friends, Juliana and Bee Wah. Gosh, we can't be lying to each other because these two ladies definitely do exist. They were Hoon's friends and I had encountered briefly with them. Julian and I met when I was working for a short period at a kindergarten and Bee Wah was known to me when she came by with photocopying for her hospital.

We even have pigmentation problem on our face. And we are still trying to get rid of them. Hahaha. Any good suggestion on how we can do that??? Excuse me, we do not want expensive suggestions or products because we have financial problems. Yeah, yeah, we even have the same problem....same old common problem.

As for size, we are of nearly the same height...depending on the height of our footwear. Hahahahahahahahaha either one can be taller.

As for religion, we are Catholics.... Hoon's dad was a Catholic and by right she is one by birth. ME? Well, I am a convert and am proud to be one. But we also have Buddhism in our heart. Oh, well we Catholics are very open when it comes to religion.

What else do we have in common....AHAAAA, Hoon is actually from Penang and so am I. Hoon, I enjoyed all those similarities. I am sure there are more which we have yet to discover....AHHHHH, one more thing, we never go off immediately even after we bid 'goodbye' when we go online. We would be going through several 'byes" before we really butt off or when we got ticked off by some of our friends.

One more thing before I forget, we are monkeys and we are Librans. Tell me who can have such similarities.


(HIGH FIVE) Look at this @#$%^&*@ monitor which I am using now. Am I being cursed or what????? Since the day my son bought..yes, I am not joking. My husband sold him our Samsung flat screen monitor for RM200. And my son made a grabbed for it. Well, so here I am with this f***ing monitor. I can't see clear enough and am making lots of guesses in my Skype conversation with my friends. And the colour....oh my God, the tone is more on the yellowish side. Wanna know more???? Hmmmm, I have to adjust and readjust the contrast and brightness to suit the different boxes in instant messaging. With MSN, I have to make it brighter because of the background and with Skype i have to change the font size to make it readable and to make it less brighter. So can you just imagine when MSN and Skype is on???? This is tedious task...a task which is like a nightmare.....a BAD NIGHTMARE. Another thing is that my husband would off the lights not caring if I am still doing 'work' because he has to sleep by midnight. Previously I could still type without any 'darkness' problem but now...ARGHHHHHHHHH, I can't even see a letter on the keyboard!!!! After long time staring at it, I get headaches and my poor, poor eyes just went blurry and more blurry and suddenly, I cannot see any of the words at all. This isn't my imagination....
The consolation it that, good dear hubby ordered a new LCD monitor for me BUT I still got to wait for a few more days for its arrival. So I will continue to make guesses, squinting and straining my eyes, adjusting and readjusting the brightness and contrast.
Dear Lord, please take this suffering away from me(sob, sob, sob)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thaipusam 2008 in general.

Thaipusam or Thai Poosam Kavady is a Hindu festival celebrated on the full moon in the Tamil month in January or February. It commemorates both the birthday of Lord Murugan and the occasion when Parvati gave Murugan a 'vel' (lance) so that he could vanquish the evil Demon Soomapadman.
Tourist watch in awe as metal pierces the skin with hardly any bleeding and pain. Several hundred devotees spear their cheeks with long, shiny steel rods and pierce their backs with small hooks-like needles in penance.
Generally devotees take a vow to offer a kavadi to the Lord for wishes fulfilled. They prepare for the celebration by cleansing themselves through prayer and fasting. On the day of the festival they will shave their heads, undertake a pilgrimage along a set route while engaging in various type of devotion. The simplest is carrying a pot of milk.
(For further reference please proceed to

WOOOHOOOOO, mind tilting your head a little like 90 degrees to your left again???? Yeah, yeah ,yeah, another one of my accidental tricks. Sorry to have let you suffer but then without me life would be dull, right? HEHEHE OH>>>consider me as a real freak for a friend. A GOOD FREAKY FRIEND.

Thaipusam 2008

Heyyyyy, so accept my sincere apologies. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. Silly me taking videos of the Kavadi carriers with thoughts that if I were to turn my camera vertical, the pictures would come out nicer. WAAAAHHHHHHHHH... I WAS WRONG AND I ONLY DISCOVERED IT WHEN I DOWNLOADED MY PICTURES..........a THOUSAND AND ONE APOLOGIES. Ermmmm, would appreciate it if you could just turn your nice pretty head at 90 degrees to your left. Okay, you did it....THANKS. Love ya.

Monday, January 21, 2008


TAAADAAAAAAAAAAAAA.......Friends, finally, finalllyyyyyyy, I met up with Barra and Leng in December, 2007. Please don't ask me the date... for I am suffering or rather going to suffer from Alzheimer's. Poor memory...indeed. It was just a meet up thing. We had fun most of the time teasing each other. My husband, Frankie,and daughter also joined in the fun. And I can tell you that Barra is really tall...I had to bend my head to have a glimpse of him...Ouch, my poooor neck. No problem with Leng though. I love the way he acted. The kind of look when I made him mad. LOL Leng is really sweet but very secretive. Try getting his address...and you will know. To summarise, all went well and we ate well..BURBBBB

Give me ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was shared to me by Boo Leong aka Barramundi. Enjoy this clip...Thanks Barra.

Excuse this new blogger..... guys and gals, if you are my friends and I definitely know you ARE. LOOOOL and sniggering and more sniggering. Can't help doing that, mom ami. I am still new in blogging... and from time to time you will meet up with silly mistakes or perhaps be greeted by boredom caused by yours truly Nancy. Do I need to apologize in advance???? Naahhh, BECAUSE YOU ARE MY FRIENDS and I am sure I would be forgiven. Am that certain LOL...

Some of you may think that I have nothing much for you to read...Gosh...surely something here may be of interest to you. Heeeey, I know how about me posting 'naked' ..WOOOOOHOOOOOOO...That would be interesting. Again ....hmmmm, on second thoughts I better not, for there is nothing much to see in an old monkey. Just hair and more hair and more more more more...need I go on? Anyway, you all know how monkeys look like..yaaaa.

I am out of point again...(pulling myself back to the topic), AM BACKKKK!!! Oh, just in case I bored you to death, go get a mug of strong coffee. And don't forget my banana, I mean real yellow banana. That is to keep me going for my sake (sniggering). Sorry mom ami....I am the evil witch!!!! Ok Ok, will not keep you any longer cos I finally decided to apologize or rather suddenly I decided to apologize for friendship's sake. Hahahaha. Yet for your information, we are all so different, we have our own ways of dong things (yeah, yeah, even that), we have our own theme BUT I will accept any criticism just to improve my humbleself...LOL And to those of you whom I had seek assistance, Kevin Lim aka Taugeh, Constance aka Hoon and Hainankia aka Eddie Wong, I wish to extend my hands to you in gratification and a big hug. Thanks and ermmmm...I will be seeking more help from you. HAHAHA

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Malecka, Anna Jones from Croatia this very sweet girl whom I met through another sweet brother of mine named Kunal Sharma. This wonderful girl is Anna Jones. She is a Croatian. Anna is a sweet young thing. She is very caring and worries about her friends when she doesn't see them online for a period of time. Ain't that sweet of her.....Muahhh Anna... I have not have the chance to thank Kunal for sharing Anna with me.

Anna is also a very mischievous young lady. Well, we make a very good team. We teased each other when we go online. She has her way of joking, the icons she uses and the strange nudges from MSN will make you laugh. I missed called her twice. Hahaha. Not my fault though. It was like I wanted to talk to her badly but when I rang her up she was in the bathroom. The second time was that she was still in bed (poor Anna) and wasn't feeling well but my call was a bit too early. So she missed another call. LOL there is going to be the third time. SO WATCH OUT MY MALECKA....(witchy kinda of laughter).


My dear friends,
Come meet my idol, Tose Proeski.He was born on the 25th January, 1981 at a place called Prilep, Macedonia.I was introduced to him by a very close lady friend, Anna Jones, whom I met at Facebook. I want to take this opportunity to thank Anna whom I dearly called "My Malecka" meaning "My Little One" in Croatian. One day I will write about Anna. By the way, "Malecka" (Little One)was also a song composed by Tose. Tose was a good vocalist coached by Luciano Pavarotti and he took classes in New York from maestro William Riley.For your information, Tose was known as "Elvis Presley of the Balkans". He wrote a number of beautiful songs.Unfortunately, his life was cut short by a fatal car accident in Croatia on the 16th October, 2007 at the age of 26. He was given an official state funeral by the government.I am so sad that such a talented young man like Tose had to leave us so soon.

Anna, if you ever come into my blog, ****hugs****, for giving me Tose Proeski.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tose Proeski, my idol from Macedonia

Chalet made from sampan (small fishing boat)

Here we are on top of a hill at Balik Pulau...Amazingly there are chalets and a Thai restaurant at a nowhere place or rather it was unknown to me. Nice quiet place..And why weren't I told about this place before??? Perhaps I never asked..Haha. Anyway, I will not..I repeat..I WILL NOT want to stay at anyone of the chalets...Reason???? I am a monkey badly disguised.. hehehe. Am a BIG cuckoo...I DON'T FEEL SAFE UP THERE.I fear I may not be able to see daylight the next day if the pillars supporting the chalets were to collapse. I freaked out even when just standing there birdwatching. Ermmm, I did not catch any glimpsed of bird though. But to summarized it all, it is a nice outlet. Quiet and the path leading there is sort of windy. THE ROAD IS LONG WITH MANY A WINDING TURNS......

Cameron Highlands

One good place I would gladly run off to is to the Cameron Highlands...I decided to ascend to the highlands in November 2007. Hmmm, had wanted so much to go there for years but was sort of afraid that I may not make it to the top after all the rumours I heard about the winding road and the narrowness of the road. I am a real chicken though is a born monkey. Get what I am trying to say here...Oh, forget it,if you don't.Hahaha.

With great excitement, I decided to take my family up there to have a taste of fresh air and to get away from the hoohoohaahaa of 'city' life. I booked Hotel Equatorial for two nights...Wooohoooo, it wasn't an easy booking as I was using the discount vouchers given by AMDB (bought shares and that was the consolation they gave us since the shares did not make much money for us. ) and we can only booked on weekdays. I supposed only a certain number of rooms were given out for the day.

Excitement and more excitement as we reached the foothill...Hey, thanks to the new route, Simpang Pulai way. None of us felt sick, none of us felt dizzy. The first batch of flowers we saw made my husband went 'Wahhhh and wahhhhh and wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' and we had not even reached the top yet. Did I tell you that we went up by public transport? Yup, by bus...

Can I cut the story short? Hmm, just don't want anyone dropping off to Dreamland. In short, we love the coolness of the atmosphere. I love the nights there. Erm, not much to do but I just enjoyed the quietness of the surrounding at Equatorial. I wished I had booked more days. But I don't think my husband and children would like that...I am the weird one in the family, just to let you know. Could be I am from the jungle of Borneo?????? Only God knows...LOOOL

Thanks to my dear loving uncle Boon...muahhhhh loves him. He drove us round some parts of the unseen. We went into Tringkap where we saw the orang Aslis and experienced the the vegetable farm...It was real muddy if you want the truth. And the distance...oh my God, was very far. People in there either walk (they can really walk), drove Rovers or take bikes as means of transport. You need to know the truth...I wouldn't want to stay thereat the farm. I would be worried about how I need badly a good toilet bowl to get my flow going in the early morning. I need to sit in serenity with any reading materials to get by. If not, then I am sure some of you know the feeling of uncleared 'debris' in your poor, poor tummy. It just got stuck there, not moving even a centimeter towards the intestine.

Back to Cameron...Ming, my uncle's Godson, took us to a steamboat restaurant at Brinchang. Want me to comment? Being such a good natured lady, that's ME, I will tell you that it was superb. After all, it was a free meal ....sniggering....and still sniggering. Put jokes aside, I really mean it was superb. But I forgot which restaurant it was. Take me along and I will show you if you ever decide to go up. And you may get a good tour guide to. Of course there are exceptions for I will only take you to places I have step foot on. My darling friends, I BADLY NEED TO GO UP AGAIN AS I HAVE YET TO EXPLORE MANY OTHER TOURISTS SPOTS.

As usual, being a collector of t-shirts, I got more t-shirts and even went for last minute hunting for more. Yeeeehaaaaa, I got my empty backpack full of t-shirtsssssss. And if anyone of you is thinking of getting me a gift....(sniggering)...GIVE ME T-SHIRTS.

Ask me if I am looking forward to go up Cameron Highlands again....YESSSSSSS, YESSSSSSS and YESSSSSS. The answer is a BIG YESSSSSSS.Told you only jerks like me loves the place.Some people I know said, "One time up there will do...nothing much to see and blah blah blah". Well, praise the Lord, I am a nature lover...I love everything there.

Hmmm, had plenty of pictures taken...only thing is i have not figured out how to post them here. How about going to my multiply (