Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My dad's health is deteriorating. It is rather very sudden. He has had hypertension and a sudden stroke when he was 55 and about to retire from his teaching days. Then years later followed by diabetes. Luckily he did not suffer from heart attack which could have been very taxing. And finally in 2007 after he shifted out to Penang from Perlis, the doctor at GH, Penang referred him to the kidney specialist. Here the result wasn't good. His kidneys are failing and they each has cyst. I was hoping that they won't grow any bigger because dad at this age (80 years then) will not be able to take the operation.
This year dad will be 82 come October 15. And I truly pray that he will get to celebrate it. Dad was admitted several times for failing health. And this time this is the worst. Results of his tests and scans weren't good. He has got low platelets count but the good news is that it is not leukemia. The specialist wanted to do more scan but I disallow it upon asking about how it would be like. I was told that dad would be uncomfortable as it would be painful as an instrument will be inserted into his vertebra column. And at this age, I would not want him to suffer too much pain. I do not want him to be in agony. If this is his last stage in live, I would rather he lives comfortably without pain.
I may be very sad but I have to face reality. We are not immortals. and nothing is permanent.


I would sincerely like to thank Dr. Ilias for all the personal help he rendered to my dad during his admittance recently to Penang General Hospital. Dr. Ilias is very caring and I can clearly see the compassion he has towards his patients. I am blessed to have met such a wonderfully kind physician. He is very polite and ever ready to assist me whenever I approached him for information or complain. Complain was the first that I went to him for. Well, it was unfortunate that I had a bad experience with a nurse in ward C5, Suriawati bt Jusoff. She was as presumed by my brother was trying to pass off her duty to the next shift. I approached her for help when my dad made a mess in his diaper. But I was snubbed at and she told me to ask my maid to clean up instead. The irony was that she did not even fed my dad his morning medication. She expected a stroke patient to get up and take the medicine by himself???? How well trained she was!!
So I was agitated by her ways and decided to take courage to speak to dear Dr. Ilias. He was very attentive though I can see that he was having some other work in his hands. And he apologized for the misbehavior of the nurse.
No matter how busy he is, he would stop work and attend to my questions. This dear doctor will have a very good future ahead of him. May God bless him forever and may he be blessed with a good future as a dedicated physician.
Thanks again Dr. Ilias.... YOU ARE THE BEST.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Boys and me!

Finally we met!!!! Taugeh (Kevin), Wiwiwawa (William), Atupek (Alex Toh and Tausar Phneah (Jimmy)....... It was rather an impromptu meet up at Frankie's aunt's place along Codrington Avenue. We had a splendid time. We talked like we have met before. The boys were just around the corner and when they called me, I was already moving towards Codrington Avenue. I was a little disappointed cos I truly wanted to meet up with them but time just did not seem to fit in. But alas, it was so nice of them to suggest coming over to join me. First they went to Cantonment Road... someone must have miscommunicated. When redirected they did find the place easily. They greeted me with hugs. We enjoyed ourselves yakking away. Poor Taugeh dropped the drink on the floor. What a way to thank the hostess!!!! Anyway, nothing too difficult for the maid to do. Or perhaps Taugeh was thinking that the maid should be doing something while he was there. Hahahaha. We were full of excitement. We joked a lot too.... we were chatting as if we were in Sembang. Well, boys, I did enjoy your company. Can we do it again next year???? I have had a smashing Chinese New Year this year. It was very different from the other years which I can say was BORING!!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Small togetherness....

On the 10th of February, 2008, we had a gathering organized by Joe. It was a small gathering without any frills and fancies. Motoleng and Soh, Joe and Jasmine, Siang, Frankie, Barra, Anthony aka Sui Kia and Frankie were the gatherers.....LOL. GATHERERS that is a good description ... Anyway we all had buffet lunch at Cititel, Georgetown. The food was nice. But most of all we enjoyed ourselves. Kacang aka Kimmy joined us later but she just came for a chat. We were the most active group there. We were all so excited and were all busy taking photographs of each other. We were the alert ones, the overactive ones and I dare say we were good jokers. Hey Joe, thanks for everything. It was a good organizing. I am sure everyone of us did enjoy ourselves. Looking forward for future get-togethers.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Dream Car

My husband, Frankie and I dropped by EON showroom to have a browse of the new Proton Saga on the 10th of January 2008. We drove there in our old Proton Saga of 16 years. We should call it our old faithful. It is still running well except that the body is sort of worn out after years of toiling for us. Frankie had been wanting to change his car. But he was not sure which model to buy and well, the model will has to be in his range of budget. At first he was aiming at the aeroback which colour is orange... Then he found out that another new model will soon be out. And he was looking forward to have a glimpsed at it. The funny thing was he had been having dreams or was it nightmares about the new model.
We were greeted by the EON representative. He was very friendly and was very helpful. He answered all our questions. Surprisingly Frankie decided to purchased the car. It was actually the easiest sales I have ever encountered. Usually, he would take days, weeks or even months to think over. Won't it be nice if sales representatives get such customer everyday?? If that is the case, I would gladly apply for such jobs.
Forms were signed and th e colour of the car was decided upon. It is an auto. Well, we have to wait until April or May to get the car.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Tame Bird

This cute little bird was found trapped on a tree nearby my working place. A good samaritan, Siew Fang, rescued it from the turmoil it was en- countering. I am sure it did not belong to any humans ...Haha. After it was rescued, it was reluctant to fly off. Guess, it was enjoying all the pampering and attentions it was getting. Look at it...so comfy on the hands that saved it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The big day is here again!!!!

The Chinese New Year is here again. WELCOME TO BUSY-NESS.......LOOOOOL... Year after year we would be very busy cleaning our house. We call that spring cleaning. Many years back the Chinese would use bamboo leaves to clear the house from bad luck. But nowadays most probably are using the vacuum cleaner which is more convenient and cleaner. Then we will decorate our homes with flowers , red banner, decorative items like paper cuttings of meaningful Chinese characters and lanterns, kamquat plants and some would repaint their homes.
The next step is clothings...Yes, new dresses and undergarments are a must. But I am not that particular because I would rather wear the old ones which are more comfortable. Hahahaha who would actually inquire about them anyway.
Then comes the BIG rush to the supermarkets and wet markets. Depending on the menu of individual family, items are bought. Actually, it wonders me why we have to spend so much for one celebration. Guess it is tradition to have surplus.......Yet in my opinion (mind u it is only and opinion so don't comment), we should not overspend. Seeing food being thrown away is merely a wastage.
Lastly comes the red packets which we call 'ang pow'. The red packets are most expected by the young. And the content is what makes it interesting......MONEY, MONEY AND MORE MONEY. The young would go "MONEY COME, MONEY COME". Whereas those married would go "AIYO AIYO MONEY OUT, MONEY OUT". Not so bad thought for couples who have children but for those who have no children....well, just too bad.

Friday, February 1, 2008