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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life's experiences with people I called friends

I have been on this earth for over 50 years. Friends come and go...some left this world, some left my life, some I am still journeying with and some still with me through thick and thin.

 When I have bad experiences with a few of them, I asked God why couldn't He give me the ones who are perfectly good. Now after pondering myself with this question umpteen times, He gave me an answer that my life experiences are all via friends may they be nice, bad or just passing-by friends. I agree that I have had got lots of happy and sad times with them. I only have to be discreet and to be able to discern.

 Some friends made use of us for their benefits then forget about us. Some true friends travel with us and supported us in our venture of life's difficult journey.

I used to get very upset with those who used me as an instrument to get what they favour. For example, they would ask me to ask a certain sensitive issue to another close friend. They would give bad feed backs about that person. They even suggested that I plan for some gathering but I was the one being left out at the end of the day. Funny was that you will find them having a good time with the person they had talked bad about behind his back. These built up my life and make me a stronger and wiser person. I learn how to forgive and be more vigilant.

Then there's some who will console us in bad times. They would be very concerned. I feel so blessed with such as they never push me off the edge. They are always there when I need them. I am thankful that I am provided such though very few.

I concluded that to have quality in friendship is better then to have quantity.