Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dedication for Robert Skudd

Hope you will enjoy listening to Engelbert. The songs he sang brings back the good old days.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Raymond, my upline in MST

This is Raymond...Erm of course I do not have to indicate which one is him. After all there is only two of us in this photo. LOL
Raymond is my up upline. That means he is above Joe Lim and I am below Joe. Am I confusing you??? Confusion is my speciality anyway. Well, the three of us are in MST. Raymond is our stockist now.
He is a very down to earth man and ermmm...looks kind of macho too, eh? Hahahaha. Not for sale though the pendants are. HEHEHEHEHE
We are all proud owners of MST Energy pendants. I have proudly distributed pendants to my relatives with confidence of the help it can give. I have not been disappointed at all and glad to share that I have had good feedbacks. Frankie's sister said that her sleep used to be interrupted by frequent nightly rush to the toilet every night. I let her wear the pendant and just one one day of wearing it she told me that she did not have to get up that frequent but only twice. She also said that her mouth which was painful cos of gum boil was relieved too. I was happy to hear that as I never expect such healing to be that fast. Now she is trying it on her aches.
Another sister-in -law is now eager to share her experience with her friend in Bangkok. Somporn, Frankie's second brother's wife, is from Thailand and she is a health enthusiast like me. We have this motto "Prevention is better than cure".
This newly launch energy pendant is a real babe which is a good investment for our health. It is the third generation and lots of improvement can be seen.
Come learn about scalar energy at http://www.mst2global.com

MST Meeting at B Suite with Malek Noor

Here I am at the second meeting with Malek Noor but this is my first. It was a very interesting meeting as Malek was a very good spokesman. He was able to joke which made it so interesting.
MST stands for Mineral Science Technology. It specialised in the energy pendant which is now made in Malaysia with technology from Japan and Germany. Gosh, we should be proud about it. I have earlier explained about this wonderful pendant. And am proud to say that all those who had got the pendants are proud owners because we are able to boast about our good health now.
Look at the photographs which I had shot carefully. To proof the power of the scalar energy and its properties, Malek daringly burned his arm and chin without any protection from creams, magic potion (LOL) or protection from genie as Malek put it. It is all due to the scalar energy. Nothing to do with supernaturals.
Look at the crowd....It was a good turn out. We were enlightened with more knowledge as questions were asked. Joe Lim gave his testimony regarding his wife who just had a caesarian. I personally went to see his wife who had given birth to Aloysius. I was awed to see her so active and alert just hours after the operation. BRAVO JASMINE!!!!!! Want to know the secret???? She had been drinking the water energised by the pendant. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN JASMINE.....
As for myself, I have not been so tired after wearing it. I have lots of errands to run and usually I could not take it. But I am proud to share that I had not been ill since the day I started wearing the pendant. You can always refer to my colleague how my health was like before. I would fall sick for a stretched of 3 months. That was rather long and believe me I had to spend a lot of money for cures. BUT THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT.....AGAIN THANKS TO JOE LIM WHO HAD NOT GIVEN UP HOPE TO INTRODUCE IT TO ME.

Cheng Beng (All Souls Day)

Today we went to Frankie's grandmother's grave to pay respect to her. The engraving on her gravestone had faded and was repainted days before we went to pray at the site. There were seven of us; Beng, Puteh, Bah ko, Eng, Somporn, Frankie and myself. It was very hot in the afternoon. Offerings of dumplings, kuihs and fruits were placed on the tiny altar. Jokes were cracked by Eng and Beng. Puteh, my sister-in-law, seemed to have a lot to say to her grandmother. Her prayer was a very long one. By the way, the grandmother's name was Cheah Choo Khuan. She passed away at the age of 70 in 1952.

Old memories seemed to creep in and history was told by each of the siblings. I am sure everyone of them have their own fond memory of their dear grandmother. I was told that she was a very kind and loving old lady. May God bless her soul.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

YEEEHAAAA, now I am able to add back the links!!!!

After half an hour of figuring and figuring...I finally get to add back the links which I lost. Ermmm, sorry, I did actually figured it out on the same day that my itchy fingers deleted all links. HEHEHE just that I was too lazy (the usual excuse) to inform all you darling friends of mine about it. Well, life is just too interesting having me around.

Catching the rainbow*****

The other day my husband, Frankie, saw a double rainbow from our apartment. He called to me and I was amazed to see such a beautiful sight. Remembering what Lillian Too had taught, I quickly grabbed hold of my camera and started to shoot pictures of it. I told Frankie to held out his hand. He was not sure what I was doing but he did it anyway. Then I told him to take mine. It was a very rare thing for me to see a double rainbow. Very pretty and unique.

Happy Birthday Tammy!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAMMY!!!!! Yesterday, 9th April, was Tammy's birthday and poor me did forget that it was her big day. It was an embarrassment when Lisa mentioned it while we were having dinner. Lisa and Tammy did not warn me!!!!! So unfair..... All I know was that Tammy made reservation at the Italian restaurant at Golden Sands Hotel. The food was superb and service was good. Of course for the price.........Any way we enjoyed ourselves so much. We had lots of laughs.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lost all my links to blogs:(

Dear friends,

Sorry if you do not see your link here cos I did not deliberately remove you. Just that my hands were faster than my brain. It always worked that way for me. LOL Now I am figuring out how to add all of you back. Anyone can HELP me?????? I only managed to add Totziens and had been unsuccessfull in adding the rest. WHY???????