Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cambodian cuisine

This is Amok Fish. It comes in two version. The grilled or curried. This version it grilled Amok Fish. Amok Fish is one of the many delicious cuisine in Cambodia. It tasted like our Otak-otak but it has its unique ingredients added. I just can't get enough of it. YUMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Siang and me at the National Museum, Cambodia

This museum is full of statues from the ruins. Photos are not allowed and so we cannot snap any. Behind us is a statue of a Garuda. We were allowed to take this one as it was at the enterance. In the museum, I found a few ladies collecting donation to upkeep the place by handling us a stick of jasmine to be place at one of the Buddha statues. The amount donated was up to individuals. At first, I was thinking that it was rather weird for people to pray to statues placed in museums. After Rith explained to us, I felt at ease.


Finally 13.1.2010 arrived after waiting for months. Siang and I left for Cambodia. We were supposed to accompany our maid, Phan Yen, back to her home land but she made a big fuss in wanting to leave sooner after our parents passed away. We were well prepared for the trip after many feedbacks from friends. Siang was told to look out for beggars as we stepped out of the airport building. To our amazement, we did not see any. Our guide, Rith, told us that their government forbidded beggars greeting tourist at such points.

One of my friend said to get ready to dig my nose every night before bedtime. She said Phnom Penh is very dusty. Before seeing the city, I regreted forgetting to bring some masks. Anyway, the masks would have taken up some precious space in by luggage as I did not see that much dust in the air. I did dug my nose as instructed but it wasn't dirty. The only place that was dusty was on the way to angkor Wat. But no problem for us as we travelled in a limousine. Of course it would be adisable to wear masks if you take the tut tut which is the national taxi.

Yet another told me to be prepared to experience some skin ailments due to the yellowish water from the tap. Oh, well, no yellowish water flowing from the taps and definitely I did not have any skin ailments. My skin came back as good as I left. Ahem, I did become a little darker....Ahhhhh, any Caucasian would be jealous of what I got. Anyway, the water there is very clean.