Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Smart Ass....

Those of you who has me in their MSN list will see this phrase, "When you gain a friend, first test her, and be not ready to trust her". Two of my dear friends there did sense that I sounded rather furious. They were concerned and one of them asked me to read Sarach 6. This is where got my phrase. In the beginning my words were harsher. It went like this,"Don't lie to me...I have found that out and am just playing along". In actual case, I felt hurt being deceived by a friend whom I had trusted. Father Andrew Kooi asked me to read Sarach 6 in the Bible and he told me never to trust anyone until they have proven themselves. I appreciated the advice and counseling Fr. Andrew gave.

Stated in Sarach 6;14 A loyal friend is like a safe shelter; find one, and you have found a treasure. very true. I am still waiting for this friend to appear. I need true friendship. A friend who is not treacherous. The irony is that such a person after tons of lie can still go on lying thinking that we are fools. I had discovered so much deceit but I am playing along to see how long this will go on. She may think that I am easily fooled by her BUT who is the JOKER here now.

Petty lies after petty lies...when is this going to stop. One fine day, I may just blow up and say, "STOP". Hahaha, that would give her a shock of her bloody life.

For your information, I would be really proud if I know Chinese. But some idiots thought it would bring down their dignity if they were to admit that they are Chinese educated. They would tell me, "I am English educated...can't read or understand Chinese well."

But I have heard them conversed in Chinese and my conclusion is that to my chagrin and amazement...Their Chinese is superb and is even much, much, much better than their English grammar. They don't even know when to use 's' or 'es' for their verbs. A primary kid would know how to use these if they are English educated. Why should a person be ashamed of one's education? Knowing Chinese is very good. I in fact regretted not learning the language during my younger days. See when one lied the truth will poke it's head out of the curtain one fine sunny day..... Honestly, I was perturbed.

Another reason one lied was due to 'face'. Yes, Asians tend to take good care of their 'face'. So it was so not nice to let your friend knows that you were the one who had contacted so and so on certain chatrooms online. HEYYYYYYY, what is so wrong about being the first to contact. That is how friends are made...someone has to make the first move. So was that such a BIG deal??? As for me, I do contact others as well as vice versa. What is important is the trustworthy of friendship. Perhaps I am thick skinned unlike some other Asians. I go for the truth and lying sometimes made me very nervous as we never know when we are going to make a slip of the tongue. When we lie, we tend to forget what we say. Hence people will somehow catch us lying when we say some different thing later on.

Liars never make good friends. We never know the real them and how or when they will cheat us again with their words. Sometimes, we can't even find good honest friends nearby but instead true friendships were found overseas. Believe me, I had been had and I found solace not here but far away.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A bad experience at a Buddhist Temple

On a fine Friday morning (31st Oct. 2008), Frankie drove me to the Reclining Buddha Temple at Burma Lane, Pulau Tikus after our marketing at Chowrasta Market. It was supposed to be a bright day for me but the next scene spoiled my mood for the day. You may be wondering what is a Catholic doing in a Buddhist Temple...Well for you information, I was there on behalf of my dad who wanted so much to offer a Kathina robe as to the Buddhist this is an auspicious thing to do. He wanted to do this so that my deceased grandparents will receive merits if so happens that they are born in the wrong realm.

Being a Roman Catholic and having little knowledge of what I should be doing, I approached a thin, dark lady who was in thick make-up. Her big eyes with eye-liner drawn made her look starry and scary as she was not smiling. Mind you, it took much courage to approach such a person not knowing what comes next. Hahaha. Wished I had secretly taken a photo of her. But you can always see her at the counter if you go to this temple. Taking a big inhale, I walked to her asking about how to purchase the robe and details of what I should do with it.

I was perturbed at the way she answered me. She gestured me to read what was written on the notice which was pasted below a platform where the robes were placed. Again I should heve taken a shot of the notice. I turned my head down and read it. Stated was, "KATHINA ROBES FOR OFFERING ON 2ND NOV. 2008". But I need more than that. I needed to know:-

1) How to purchase it since she was not even at the counter?

2) What should I do with it when I had it in my hands? Open it? Take it home? Or put it somewhere where I fancied?

3) Should I be there to offer it to the monks?

4) Time of the ceremony...yes, what about the time?

Am I being unreasonable by asking? Anyway, she just went about her business before even settling my doubts. What unfriendliness !!!! Silly me was tagging along with her as I was eager to finish my duty of the day for my dad. I repeated the questions but she may have thought that I am retarded as she looked towards me like an annoyed mother. COME ON... what is this??? I was just seeking simple assistance. Moreover the robes are not FOC. It cost RM100 a piece. Can you imagine that she turned away from me??

The inside of me began to boil..In Buddhism, being able to sense that one is fuming means I am having mindfulness....Yaaaahooooo and whoopeee for what a Catholic can do. I kept my cool of course. I turned to my head to the back and saw that the other lady was finally free from her phone call. So I walked towards the counter with irritation and agitation. She gave me a smile. That smile calmed me down. As I was telling myself that if I get the same treatment again, I would definitely walked out and would probably go over to the Burmese Buddhist Temple opposite for the occasion. Taking a good breath, I sarcastically went,"Excuse me, I need assistance as I am a non-Buddhist. I am acting on behalf of my father to purchase a robe for the Kathina," looking straight at the lady with a smile.

She was most gracious and I was tended to promptly with my questions. The thin lady walked back to the counter defending herself that she had directed me to read the notice. I turned round and told her that the information I need was not there.

Not wanting to delay my time as Frankie walked in, I went over to the other side of the counter to pay for the robe. Then only was I told that I should go pray to Lord Buddha. Humbly I kneeled in respect of the Great Teacher. Offer the robe and left it on the platform as instructed to be collected later on. I am a humble Catholic and I respected all the famous teachers.

What troubled me was that in my opinion, those who are put in the front office should be more friendly and helpful. It may be in temples, churches, hospitals, institutions,etc. As long as one is put in-charge of the main counter, they should be ready to answer questions with a warm smile. Pleasantness and friendliness represents the place you are helping and working for. Next year I am running to the Burmese Temple opposite for this Kathina celebration.