Friday, May 23, 2008

Good bargain....

Hey, today I went on a good shopping spree with Tammy at Esprit located at Gurney Plaza. It was rather impromtu. Tammy informed me about the mid-year sales when we met up to meet her brother at his office. Since she is a card holder for Esprit members, I took the opportunity to go for the bargain. It was like 50% off given to non-members and another 20% off for members. All in 70% discount..... so how to resist this, huh??? Temptatin is great. I picked 4 pieces of t-shirts and they fitted me me nicely. So I bought all of them. Temptation is to be blamed. YESSSSSS< BLAME IT ON MISS TEMPTATION.....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Make Life Pleasant

"Life is short and we do not know when we will die...." This is my qoute to my parents whenever they argued over minor things making a mountain out of a molehill. They are married for over 50 years and they never stopped arguing all these years. Dad gets easily irritated after repeatingly calling my mom for help. And mom refused to get her butt going thinking that dad is being ridiculous.

I have many times explained to her that she should not be arrogant thinking that dad is senile and is not able to hear her when she made bad remarks. Earlier a few days back, she called me to bring my family over to their place as she said dad is feeling unwell. I panicked and I rushed to summon my children over. I had to cancel fetching my son's friend and family who just arrrived from Pulau Langkawi.

Today the same thing happened...Frankie and I were busy this morning and we decided to go see them after we run our errands. Frankie went up to their place first and when I arrived, Frankie whispered to me that dad was unwell. Having experienced his false alarm lately made me wiser not to panic. I touched his head. there was no fever. Then I took out the blood pressure monitor and monitored his blood pressure. The blood pressure was good. Then I questioned him if he had any dizziness but he gave me some other answer. He had told Frankie that he had some pain at his abdomen but upon questioning he asid that he has no pain at all.

So I stayed back to observe him while Frankie and Emmelia went home. I could see that he was not at all sick. I decided to lecture them for the traumas they had caused me. I told them that they may one day caused me to meet with an accident with their false alarm. I may be driving like the world is ending thinking that they are not well. This may cause me my life I told them and they may regret for they were only quarrelling over small issues. In fact, if anyone of you had seen me running that day, you would have understand. After the incident, I discovered that I had somehow knocked myself against whatever during my rush that my thighs were having blue black marks and the mark near my knee was rather painful.

So I gave them a was a very long one but to summarize it I told them to reconcile and be loving with each other while they still can as life is short.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Woman gets to revert to original religion.

Kudos to the Penang Syariah High Court's decision allowing convert Siti Fatimah Tan Abdullah aka Tan Ean Huang, 39, to renounce Islam and revert to her original faith, Buddhism. I am sure that Tan converted out of love for her ex-husband, an Iranian. She may have made the wrong decison for unfortunately she was left on the perch after he left her a few months of their marriage. In other words the Islamic faith was never instilled in her.

This decision is indeed in line with Article 11 (1) of the Federal Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion. Surely there are more out there like Tan. Tan has been very bold to be standing that long to fight for her rights. May I also question about Lina Joy? Seems that all of a sudden news about her had come to a halt. I am still interested to know what the out come of her case is. It should not be kept away from people who had been concerned about Lina Joy and would be good if we were given updates on her case.. Hopefully we will not be kept in the dark.

It is only fair that a person who had never practised the faith of his or her religion be given the jurisdiction to renounce. Don't you think that it is rather ridiculous to force someone into a religion which she or he doesn't believe? Yet The Star dated 10th May 2008 reported that Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin stated that he hoped to seek audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agung to prevent such matter from recurring. Does this mean that future cases will not be given such chance to revert? Does it mean that Tan's case will be the first and the last? Well, in my personal opinion, people do change their mind from time to time and many too do change their religions. Hence it is only fair that the government be open minded and allow individuals to choose.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spirits, ghost or demons

Do you believe in spirits, ghosts and demons? Decide for yourself after watching this clip.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Aloysius Lim You Ming

Come everyone meet Aloysius, Joe Lim's youngest baby and my youngest Godson. I have not seen him since he was brought home. What a Godma......Unfortunately Godma is a little busy. Well, I am sure I will one fine day. Joe told me that he is very mischievous and I say he is smart. By the way, today,8th May, 2008, is his full moon. Joe sent me a box of goodies which I attacked forgetting to take photo of it. Maybe next year if things goes well, I may receive another too from Joe....LOOOOL Ermmm, he shared that his deity said he may get another baby next year. But Jasmine said, "NO THANKS". Hehehe. Ok, back to my dearest Aloysius....He is getting more and most handsome as days goes by. And as his Godma, my wish is for him to grow up into a handsome, studious and intelligent boy. And also that he will grow up to be a fine young man. May God bless him all the time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Honey Yummy Prawns

This is my signature dish...Hehehe wondering if I should use the word 'signature'. Anyway, this is a yummy dished which I usually cook when I buy succulent medium sized prawns. Why medium???? Well, because large ones are just too expensive and I have a budget. This yummy dish was taught to me by my aunt Kooi Choo when I went to stay with her. Simple and deeeelicious.You want the recipe??? LOL Remember it is a signature dish and hmmmmmmm should I keep it a secret in case I decided to 'sell' the secret????? May make millions who knows.......hehehe.

Homemade Crepes...woohooooooooooo

Hey......this is homemade. And I really mean it because I made it myself. Unbelievable?????? BELIEVE IT!!!! I really made them myself. How did I do it? Well, one evening Joe Lim invited me out with Shelly and his wife Jasmine. We ended up at Northam Foodcourt at Northam Road. I decided to order from this stall which serves crepes and pastas. The person preparing the food is a local Chinese lady and the man whom I presume is her husband is either French or Italian was doing the serving. I went for Tuna Crepes. Well, I had to wait for quite a long time before I get my plate of crepes. Tummy was growling badly and afraid that my order may have been forgotten, I went to remind the dear lady about my order. Finally after everyone had nearly finished their dinner, mine came. I cut a small piece of the tuna crepes and put it in my mouth to savour what looks so appetizing. Mmmmmm, it was really, really fabulous. I slowly put another piece to get to understand the ingredients used.
Then one fine day, I decided to try out if what I thought were the ingredients used were what was actually being used. Amazingly, intelligently (those are praises for my humble self) I managed to produced crepes for six (6) people. LOL They were my guinea-pigs, i.e. my mom, dad, maid, Frankie and Emmelia. Glad to tell you that they had a good time consuming the lovely plate of crepes that I cunningly decorated to make the whole thing looked appetizing. Anyway, no one dared to give me bad ratings because I never accepted such bluntness. HAHAHA...

Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, En Mohd. Sabri Hussain (Awie)

Meet our Proton sales representative, En. Mohd Sabri Hussain. He is known to us as Awie. He is very friendly and very helpful from day one until today. The moment Frankie and I stepped into the Proton showroom, we were quickly greeted warmly by Awie. He made us feel very welcomed. Due to his friendly nature, he caught our attention and our hearts. He answered all our questions and was very patient in giving us details of the new Saga BLM. Due to his good naturedness, politeness, friendliness and patience, Frankie decided to sign up with Awie. Awie is always smiling and very apologetic even when he met up with difficult customers. It made me wondered when is it that he will flare up. Anyway, he is the most helpful representative that we have ever met. He is able to explain in details about Proton to give us a clear picture of happenings. If anyone of you have any interest in purchasing a Proton car, do contact Awie at 016 4753197/019 4753197 or look for him at Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, 45 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang. I guarantee you that he is the best. By the way, Proton's standard has improved unlike the complaints we heard earlier on.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dr. Beat Richner, a paediatrician...

I was told about Dr. Beat Richner by a very dear friend, Laurent, who is contributing monthly to Dr. Beat's foundation. Dr. Beat (pronounced as Bee yat)is a hero and an angel in our time. Do read more about him at wikipedia. For me to write about him is going to be too long. My friend told me that he and his wife will willed their money to Dr. Beat's foundation when they are old. That is really nice of them to be so compassionate towards those poor children in Cambodia. Well, we, too, can be mothers and fathers to those poor sickly children there or anywhere. Just add in some love and compassion like Dr. Beat and his team. And to my dear friend, Laurent, and his wife....keep on the good work. May God bless them all.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

You can do it too if you have the will.

A sharing from my dear Godbrother, Fr. Julian Leow. It is really amazing how this wonderful talented lady without hands can make daily routine so simple. It is all in her will to carry on with her life which all of us should be like her.