Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dad's 81st Birthday, 2008

My dad celebrated his 55th birthday 26 years ago and he has never celebrated another birthday for this long. I decided to give him a surprise birthday party on the 12th of October, 2008 although his actual birthday falls on the 15th of October.

I invited some close relatives and old friends of my parents'. He was very surprised and excited over the event. And not to leave out confused. Hahaha... My brother and his wife had to manage him from home while I did the running around.

The next day I asked if he enjoyed his party....I noticed that his mouth was quivering and he was teary. I presumed that he was very touched by the celebration. I am sure that he was glad to have met his cousins whom he has been asking about.

I hope to organize another such celebration again in future.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Muar Chi

YUMMMYYYYYYY I loved this local cakes when I was small. And I still do up to today. The peanut filling is the main attraction. It is coated with flour. Thus before devouring it I usually tap the flour off. Another version of it is fired with sesame seeds coating. But I preferred this version. It is not oily.

SKII....how I find the product.

I had been using many brands of skin care and always changing them. The reason is just very simple....They did not give me the result promised. As anyone knows, ladies are very vain. Hahaha!!! Who would not want to look good?

My final search came when I asked a cousin of mine if a certain product was good. She told me that that brand is famous for it cosmetics but she had not known about the skin care products. She then recommended me SKII.

In my heart, I was a little skeptical at first. Anyhow, I would just give it a try. So off I went to the SKII counter at Parkson Gurney with Frankie. The consultant there was very helpful and friendly. She did not press me to buy all the products. But only those which I needed. As I still had my cleanser and toner of the other brand, she told me to finish those. She told me that the Treatment Essence is a must. And she sold me a medium sized bottle. Then I was recommended the serum which I find very good as well.

On that first purchased, I got to join SKII as a silver club member. Now I am upgraded to Gold card membership. WOW....besides that, she always gives me samples. The pictures above are of the samples she gave me. Those are just the few. I have more in my cupboard.

Once she gave me a very nice SKII mirror which I had been eying on. Recently she surprised me with a nice towel. Let's get away from the freebies.

Pitera is the main ingredient of the brand. And I dare tell you that this is the first time I am truly satisfied with a skin care product. Later I added more items like the two-way cake and loose powder. NO REGRETS too.

I had pigmentation but according to a friend, my face is now better. I can see that myself. It is more radiant.

It is worth the money I spent.