Saturday, December 19, 2009


Frankie at Batu Ferringhi beach. This is his first fishing trip. He had to get his brother to help him with the hooks. He was very eager in his new hobby. He got his second rod at a hardware shop at Batu ferringhi. It was expensive according to his brother. So bro took him so a shop at Irving Road where he got fishing gears at very cheap price.

Well, today he went and caught his very first fish. In fact he caught two small ones. He was happy with his catch. But we threw them back where they belong as we were not in favour to kill them for food. Hahahaha, we would need more if we were to have them for dinner. Anyway, the fishes may be very happy about our decision not to eat them.

We have been going to the beach very often. Sometimes there were more catch but sometimes NOTHING. But we had fun. I would jumped into the water while Frankie waited for his bite.