Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Taking a boat ride from Monkey Beach

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Emmelia and I got a boat ride back to the other side. Pak Atan, the boatman, was seated behind Emmelia. As you can well see, both of us were having a good time. We enjoyed the ride not doubt we were scrutinized for being softies. Oh well, as long as we were happy SO WHAT!!!!!!!!

The trail to Monkey Beach

Here are a few photos which I manage to take though I was out of energy. Shame that I was not in the mood to take one of those which we need to jumped down and climbed up on boulders. It was tough on me as I was carrying a heavy load (water, food, DSLR camera, lenses, batteries and flash. Every time I jumped, I felt like falling to the direction where my load swung to. For your information, I fell twice scraping my knees. I rather not have my camera and lenses knocked against any though rocks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Black Creature

Can anyone of you tell me what this black creature is? It was caught by Wong at Monkey Beach. It is not slimy. Soft to the touch, moves and shapes itself. And it was not a blood sucker though it looked like a giant leech.

I was captivated by it and was playing with it for a while. Alas, I asked what Wong was going to do with it. He said he was taking it home to cook it. Though I begged him to let it back into the water, I was talking to a deaf ear. He murdered it and found it uneatable as it turned very hard after boiling.

Poor thing...It was killed. It would be good if the authority set a law that whatever is caught has to be put back where it belonged?

Monkey Beach, Teluk Bahang

Here we are at Monkey Beach after the Pantai Keracut hike. The trail is rough compared to the one to Pantai Keracut. The beach is not as clean too. I saw a bungalow or two which were dilapidated. The bathroom and toilet situated behind one of the bungalows are in bad condition but usable. I hiked there but was too frighten to face the rough path upon coming back. So my daughter and I took a ride back for a mere RM10. We shared the ride with a few other youngsters. If not for the sharing, we have to fork out RM50 for a one way ride back.

There were lots of 'siput' (small clams) and our friend, Wong, managed to scope them with a self made device. These were plenty but they were small.

There was a group of families who camped here. The proprietor charges RM10 for a tent per night. He was a very pleasant guy. I took his boat back to the other side. He told a group that they can always call him on his mobile if there is an emergency.
His name is Pak Atan tel. 012 4731299 If you ever need his service.

All in I still prefer Pantai Keracut even if there were jelly fish there.

Newbies at PGHK

These three young beautiful girls are PGHK newbies. They just joined a few months back. I did not ask their names or ID. LOL....They were a little shy but admitted that they can be chatterboxes when on Sembang. Oh, well, I reasoned with them that's just because they are hidden. Even Jepun Lau Ee, our famous chatter, was very shy when we met last year. Her sister, Kacang, quipped that she needed a microphone to get her chatty. As for Joe aka Tox, he is his usual self. Unfortunately, Motoleng was not able to join Aloysius' celebration. He just got married and said that it was an omen to attend other celebrations. He is another chatterbox and joker. As for me, well, I was busy 'clicking' away and had no time to be chatty. My camera was doing all the talking.

Aloysius' !st Birthday Celebration, April, 2009

Recently (5th April, 2009) Joe celebrated Aloysius' 1st birthday by throwing the cheeky toddler a buffet dinner. I have not met this little boy for months and WHAT A CHANGE!!!! He is very active and he can give you the cheekiest of smiles when he feels that you deserve it. Jasmine has gone down on her weight drastically and she did not even have to spend much on slimming. We all had great fun eating. The food was fantastic.

Now this little cheeky toddler, Aloysius Lim, was twisting from left to right. Poor Jasmine had to held him tightly. He would not let anyone carry him except the mother. Aloysius is not a shy boy. You can touch him anytime but he will never allow you to carry him. That is really good as no one will be able to kidnap him.

The next day when Joe drove Jasmine and Aloysius to my place to get the cd burned with his pictures, he was calling out to the guards. Unfortunately they were too busy and did not hear his calls.

He is a sweet, active, cheeky boy. And I am sure anyone of you will be smitten by him.